Chief Sunday Akabueze is a chieftain of Labour Party in Imo State. He has overtime proven himself to be a strong supporter of Chief Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, who is aspiring to be the next Governor of Anambra State come November 2013 on the platform of Labour Party (LP).

In this interview , he said Chief Ifeanyi Ubah is on course and has all it takes to boost LP’s victory in the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra State, should the party nominate him.


You are from Imo State, why are you championing a governorship cause in Anambra State?

Chief Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is not for the people of Anambra State atone. He belongs to Ndigbo and Nigeria generally. Actually, I am from Imo State while he is from Anambra State but irrespective of where I  come from, God used this man from Anambra State to turn my life around positively. A lot of Ndi Anambra have also experienced and benefited from this man’s generously.

Sunday Akabueze
Sunday Akabueze

God has used him and is using him and will still use him to turn around the lives of many Ndigbo and Nigerians positively. He is a detribalized Nigerian. He doesn’t want to know where you are from.  He doesn’t want to know whether you are an Igbo man, Hausa man, Yoruba man etc. He believes in equity, justice and fairness and that is why many people from various states and tribes whom God has used this man to turn their lives around positively are saying he is good to govern Anambra State. If  God can use him to make people from different states and tribes as a private businessman, don’t you agree with me that same God will use him more to make more people as a governor? That is why we are championing his governorship bid in Anambra State irrespective of the fact that we are not from there. All we are saying is that he has a new face to shape the old face of Anambra politics. Frankly speaking, as an Igbo man, we have been following the politics of Anambra State and I can tell you that Ifeanyi Ubah is the only aspirant on that governorship  race with a new face and Anambra people need a man with a new face and there is no other person on the governorship race with a new face other than Ifeanyi Ubah.

What do you know about him?

I am a successful businessman and a chieftain of our great party, the Labour Party. I have known him for some time and have been following his transformation agenda right from his oil company, Capital Oil & Gas. It is the same agenda that he is promising to bring  to Anambra State in governance  if elected as governor. I have therefore seen, believed and can confirm that this man  will be totally committed to the transformation of his  State  for the best. He practised this in his companies; he is still doing it and he is hoping to translate it into governance in Anambra State. I believe him because he is a man who truly means what he says. The only thing he needs now is to get nominated by Labour Party, and his candidature will certainly boost victory for the party at the polls.

What gives you the confidence that he is the right man for the job?

Chief Ifeanyi  Ubah in an organizer, activist, a fighter for the rights of men and women, youths, and the underage in Nigeria. He is equally a strong committed and spirit filled Christian.

He has  prepared and positioned himself to save Anambra State from the ruin and maladministration of yesteryears. The good people of Anambra State do not need to search further or any longer because their messiah is here. They have found out from the tour he organized recently that Uba’s investment is huge, massive and outstanding.

There are students who attend various schools in Nigeria, courtesy of Uba’s sponsorship. He tars roads every where. His filling stations supply fuel free of charge to motorcyclists in Nnewi every Monday. He intervenes in all cases where poor people are being discriminated against or marginalized. He donates money throughout the federation in pursuant of worthy causes. This may be the reason his detractors wanted to rubbish him recently by framing him up. This apart, this man we are talking about sits at top of many great successful and blue chip companies. Apart from his Capital Oil & Gas company that is a major player in the oil and gas sector, he is the Chairman of other companies.

He has made a huge impact  in the fight against poverty and diseases.  On work against HIV/AIDS, he has done marvelously well in curtailing the epidemic especially in the South West and the South East. He has been actively engaged  in organizing and mobilizing men/women to embrace healthy etiquettes and social activities. He is deeply involved in community development and before his aspiration, he was engrossed in several community development efforts especially as it relates to women and children’s health.

Frankly speaking, the issue of aspiring to be Governor in order to have the opportunity to loot government and State treasury is far from him. He has seen it all  and  truly means to serve with sincerity of  his heart. I am urging the good people of Anambra State who are desirous of good things to support and vote for him and  Labour Party massively.

What is your take on his choice of Labour Party?

Labour Party is a party with a new face. Just like Ifeanyi Ubah, it’s members have one spirit and one mind. His supporters are supporting a man whose impact in the coming election is projected to be massive and this stems from the fact that he is not budged by the traditional infirmities that affect professional politicians. Don’t you think his backers deserve commendation for bringing this man who is without blemish or stain   into a party like Labour party?  Labour Party has potentials and these are the positive attributes many people look  out for  in our  messed political terrain. His forte as a businessman has been business and community developments which stands him out  in good stead to mobilize  those that do not share deep passion for politics and service.

His choice of Labour Party which his backers made is a catalyst, a veritable vortex that will reign in the votes to LP’s side and that is why his choice will boost Labour Party’s victory at the polls. He will be a consummate vote catcher and his clean person will be a great advantage to his party, the Labour Party. He is coming in his own individual value, his own  asset and his own self worth, one of which is his strong catholic faith. There is no doubt  he will be a big asset to the Catholics  and other denominations in Anambra State.


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