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Gayism and the spirituality of matrimony

“The first bond of society is marriage; The next our children; then the Whole family and all things in common”  (Cicero-106-43BC-DE OFFICIIS).

THE contemporaneity of metempirical and empirical evidences, unravels the truism that our world is swirling in the cesspit and epicenter of apocalyptical immorality, depravity and sacrilegious profanity. Nothing, yes nothing, is sacred anymore.

Indeed, the sanctum sanctorum of the marriage institution has become defiled, desecrated, arrantly polluted and lethiferous. What a shame!

Without anachronistic whimsicalities, but with respect for traditional and theological stereotypes, marriage is a compact and a contract entered into by a man and a woman, to live together as husband and wife. A wedlock with hymeneal, marital, connubial and conjugal characteristics.  But, in the light of man’s mercurial and grotesque values, marriage is now a contract between consenting persons to live together as married couples, without bias for gender. It could be   between a woman and a woman and between a man and a man, etc.

In some countries of the world, especially in America, Canada, Scotland, Britain, France, Italy and Spain etc,   there are existing signed and sealed statutes, laws, provisions and ordinances lending credence to this kind of marital practices. In short, homosexuality, lesbianism, sodomy, foeticide, etc, has recently received the sacrosanct legal blessings of the Supreme Court in America.

Jehovah, the High Potentate Yahweh, established the institution of matrimony as a union between a man and a woman for the sole reason of procreation. The Bible scripturally  substantiates this position: ”Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and  subdue it :and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth  upon the earth”. Even the atheists, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Dialectical Logicians,  in Mormonism, Laoism, Hinduism, Confucianism,  Krishna Consciousness, traditional religions in Africa, Asia, America and Europe, etc, concur with pertinacious exactitude, that have a nexial synergy with  Yahweh and the Bible position on marriage.

The marriage institution is not perfect, but it remains the basis of responsible child up-brining. The prevalence of ‘LOVE’ is supposed to be the magnetic propellant and pull to brings Couples together. But, in a materialistic world befuddled by decadent normative standards ‘LOVE’ is virtually dead.

The existentialist philosopher Wilcox Truman defined secularly mundane love as “a blitheful awe of uncontrollable emotion, which dies immediately the source of delight decays and extinguishes”. A sort of sentimental glamorization of lustful passion. The essayist Maria Coleridge wondered in her novel ‘VENDELTA’ saying, “Gold, gold forever. What can it not do? It will bring the proud to their knees and the obstinate to servile compliance. But the love of women, that perishable article of commerce is ever at its command”.

The vast majority of marriages are derobed and divested of love. But such marriages fulfill the divine avowal of a hymeneal relationship between a man and a woman. It is therefore a grotesque and weird abuse of nature and spiritual order for a man to crave after a man and to ask for the hands of a man in marriage. Marriage has within its entrapments and tentacles a preponderant presence of spirituality, because, it’s a Divine Command and afflatus concretized by unctuousness of Yahweh’s presence.

Therefore, a marriage that venerates the Divine Order will radiate the luminosity and effulgence of light and it will bring out the promises inherent in the configuration and contours adumbrated in tartuffian ordinance. But the President Barrack Obama promoted, advertised, sponsored and approved gayism and same sex marriage is a horrendous serpentine twist and convolution of civilization and a tenebrous apocalyptical precipitation of moral doom for mankind.

Our children are now in the mortal moral dilemma of narcissistic regressionalism and atavistic Neanderthalism. For goodness sake, how can a man marry a man? Even if they adopt children, what about the moral rigours of parenting and parenthood? This is lunacy unlimited and the whole world must rise to protect our standards and values.

Yes, if there is a hormonal defect in a man or woman. This is strictly a biological matter which can be diagnosed for cure and remedies. But the prevailing cases in America, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Canada, Holland and Germany e.t.c. are spiritual. And it is going to be difficult and pleonastic to deal with because it is been practiced, conjectured, postulated, defended, hypothesized and triangulated by the powers that be Oligarchs and the Joneses e.t.c.

This moral dwarfishness is fueled by their curmudgeon and churlish civilization, nuances, equal right illusions and idiosyncrasies, theatricalized in Boeotian Legislations, bovine inanities, imbecilic fancies and asininities in action. Their clamour for equal rights, liberty and freedom to justify this terroristic terrorism against the sacred institution of marriage smacks of humanity cascading down the labyrinth of total self annihilation. They must know that freedom and liberty means responsibly.

Finally, the  Nigerian Congress and  the rest of humanity must speak with one voice against Gayism, Lesbianism, Homosexuality Foeticide, Sodomy Pederasty, Pedophilism, Same Sex Marriages and  such other forms of sexual and  matrimonial terrorism and reprobate moral perversions, notwithstanding what President Obama, America and other Nations on their civilizing mission think. We commend the  Nigerian Legislature for it’s unblemished averments against.

Homosexuality, Gayism and Same Sex Marriages.  We hope President Goodluck Jonathan will sign the Bill criminalizing these immoral and lunatic acts into law with soldierly brevity. Charles Spurgeon admonishes us thus, “the doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our ignorance”. LET OUR LEADERS BE WISE.

Mr.  BOBSON GBINIJE,  a social critic, wrote from Warri, Delta State.


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