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Eating Right: How innovative is your refrigerator?


Undoubtedly, everyday life is demanding.  In the course of daily tasks people expend energy. Food is essential to life, and people need to eat.  In all of this, food plays very vital role in maintaining proper health and also helping in the prevention and cure of diseases. But it is not just about eating, but rather the challenge is the need to eat right. Conversely, bad foods are responsible for lowering the body’s immunity system.

According to nutritionists, sedentary lifestyles and poor nutritional choices have direct effect on the body and its shapes. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Along with the rise in obesity rates, there has also been a boom in research on nutrition and food choices. A growing segment of the population is becoming more informed about eating responsibly.

People understand the need to do a lot of exercise. Yet for many – if not most – people, hectic schedules don’t leave a lot of time for exercise, and accessing fresh, nutritious food is not always easy. At the same time, fast food and junk food have risen in popularity, not only because of price and taste, but also because they are remarkably convenient.

For many, keeping fresh fruits and vegetables in the home has also been challenging. First, there is the space problem. Items such as watermelon and lettuce are bulky and take up a lot of room in the refrigerator. Second, there is the spoilage factor. When one forgotten vegetable in the back of the fridge goes bad, the odor spreads and contaminates the other food items. There is also an organisational issue.

Role of technology

With advancement in technologies, leading global companies are investing heavily towards ensuring a healthy global population.  One such compay is LG Electronics, currently offering clever solutions to ensuring that eating fresh, healthy nutritious food is easier and more convenient than ever before. Conventional fridges have poor filtration and air flow systems, so organic food items can only be placed in small, specialised compartments. In short, eating healthy can be a hassle, and it’s a lot easier to just pick up the phone and order a pepperoni pizza.

In realisation of the negative impact that the modern food culture and busy professional lifestyle was having on employees, some of the technology companies  installed healthy meal cafeterias, coffee bars and various other food locations where employees could access fresh, healthy food.

In Nigeria, due to incessant power outages, food storage and preservation is of major concern to many households. It is extremely difficult to keep food fresh as they easily go bad. For households who are unable to afford high-capacity generating sets which are capable of powering their refrigerators, perishable foods spoil within days. On a regular basis, most of them have had to throw out food due to spoilage which is not just only wasteful but also expensive, which brings to the fore the cooling retention, energy efficiency as well as the multiple health benefits of the Door-in-Door (DID) refrigerator.

LG with the belief that household refrigerator is not merely a way to keep food cool, but if well designed could help users make improvements to their everyday lives.  Well-designed – and with a host of innovative features – the LG Door-in-Door refrigerator provides a great example of technology making life better. Its cavernous capacity means that families won’t need to worry about running out of room after grocery shopping.

However, offering more space doesn’t solve all of today’s food storage problems. In most busy households, the refrigerator door is opened between 20 and 50 times each day; during this times cool air escapes and ambient air sneaks in each time the refrigerator door is opened. The LG DID ensures the temperature of the inner compartments holding perishable foods are not in any way disturbed.

It gives family members quick access to frequently used items such as sports drinks, salad dressing and healthy snacks. Certain types of food have been known to go bad due to constant opening of the fridge, past the Door-in-Door and inside the main compartments, there are more clever design features.


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