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Much research goes into samsung’s products – Oyelayo, Head, IT Samsung W/Africa

The office appliances market is becoming fascinating especially as research players come up with innovations that delight consumers. Samsung, a player in digital media and convergence technologies, recently introduced All-in-One desk top PC Series. Mrs. Folashade Oyelayo, Head, IT Solutions for Samsung West African market told Princewill Ekwujuru that the PC is a hybrid of a desk top, with the CPU, the monitor in one box unit. Excerpts.

About the PC

The PC is a hybrid of what you call the desktop. It is has the CPU, the monitor as one box unit. With the PC,the user doesn’t require a CPU and monitor separately. The unique thing about the Samsung All-in-One PC is that it comes in different sizes and it has some interesting features like all touch function, a user can use his ten fingers.

If you have been using some taps you noticed that you can use only one finger, if your finger holds, the user may not be able to use another finger to punch. But with the new PC all the ten fingers can work differently on the screen, it is a unique product.

Building on the premium aspects of the Samsung Series 9 Notebook, the new All-In-One (AIO) PC inherits Samsung’s advanced engineering craftsmanship with highly finessed and stylish design. Beyond high performance, the new Samsung AIO PC Series 7 has been crafted to deliver an entirely new AIO PC experience.

*Mrs. Folashade Oyelayo
*Mrs. Folashade Oyelayo

Other players with similar system

We must create awareness of the product. With competition of similar product in the market, Samsung has strong advantage. The unique thing about Samsung All in One desktop includes the ten touch finger function, voice recognition.

What we have done is to incorporate more features into the Samsung unit that will make it user friendly. You will be interested to  know that kids will enjoy it awesomely. The unique features we added will give us an edge in the market and our positioning is to engage the media and there are other plans in the pipe line as it concerns creating awareness.

Windows series

It comes in Windows 8. It is Windows 8 that really supports the touch function. The interesting thing about Windows 8 is that if you are comfortable with Windows 7 platform, it has both platforms. All you need to do is to click Windows 7 platform and work seamlessly as you want. Windows 8 is a very good platform to work on. It is designed for easier interaction.

The system as laptop

You cannot carry it around because of its weight. If you remove the stand you can mount it on a wall. The range of the keyboard and mouse to the PC is about three meters. It can go as far as the eyes can go working with the system.

Challenges and Nigerian market

In any product launching there is always a challenge and the only challenge we see is the ability of Samsung to communicate effectively for people to  know  much about the good product. What I know is that there is no individual who has talked about the product and desirous about buying a desktop and see this product without admiring it and buying it. We will move as much as possible to position the product in the Nigerian market. We have platforms like billboards, jingles and press adverts to really engage consumers.

Target market

We are focusing in Nigeria. Interestingly we have other offices that cover other West African countries.

Sizes and price ranges

In Samsung, we really don’t believe in talking about prices. This is because we bring the value to the table. If you ask me what my price is like compared to competition, I will tell you that my price is reasonably very competitive as regards what I am offering. What I am offering is superior in the market.

Product development and market research

What Samsung looked at is the market gap. Before Samsung launches a product; there is so much research that goes into it. If you go to our retail shops you will observe that we have unique selling point for the products. This product was in response to filling a gap. The product initiative started about two years.

Motivating factor

The motivating factor is innovation and that is why Samsung invests so much in research and development. We come out with products that meet the need. We don’t just churn out products, but we look at what meets consumers’ need. On examining what makes life easier, we come up with the product. And that is why the products are hit whenever they come out because they are produced to meet needs.

Nigerian and African market

Interestingly, the Nigerian market is not yet matured but it is fast developing. The reason is that here we are not retail oriented. This PC is a retail product. It is a product that will be in stores where people will walk in and feel it and take it home. If you want to buy a product in some markets, the man selling it may not even open it for you to see what you are buying and the features. That kind of marketing does not help.

Desktop market

Just as Samsung is, we bring the best of our innovation into any market we operate. Desktop market is fast eroding. Be that said, people still need to have that desktop feel. Instead of having a clutter of wires and cables in the office or home, you now have one main box on the desk. This makes everywhere tidy and gives the office class on its own.

PC sizes

It is for corporate environment and much more for families. There is a syncronisation between all Samsung products. All in One is such that when you have a Smart phone, you can have the Samsung all share function that makes it to work.

In a home, for example, if the family has All in One PC in the home and the father has the smaller tablet and the mother has a smart phone and the children have phones. All of them can all link up and access their information from the All in One at home. So wherever any individual is so far the systems are linked with home Sync, anybody can see the information.

Hard disc size and speed

The speed is high. The graphic is awesome, even the graphic engineers and companies will like the product. It has 1000 gigabyte disc which is big and enough for any application.

Does the PC has wired keyboard and wired mouse. The keyboard and the mouse connect wirelessly with the unit. A user does not need the cabling challenges that people always face with desktop. Apart from that, it comes with high spec. The processor is a third generation processor.


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