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Seeking divine intervention

By Sam Eyoboka

Nigeria, like many other countries on the globe, is grappling with severe economic problems and several other life-threatening challenges that have defied every known human theory.

Governments at all levels are doing their best possible to uplift the citizens out of the pit of hopelessness and despondency but these efforts have not stroke the right chord.

Many Nigerians, believing that the current multi-dimensional problems facing the nation are spiritual problems that tend to defile all scientific  interpretations and solutions and have therefore decided to seek freedom from all manner of afflictions beyond the physical realm.

They are now turning to God, the One who created the universe, for supernatural healing, provision and deliverance from all forces of darkness.

This was the thrust of a sermon delivered by the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, when he addressed over 150,000 worshippers at the fourth special miracle service recently at the Deeper Life Conference Centre on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

At that meeting, Kumuyi declared that the only antidote to the manifold challenges of our contemporary world is a closer relationship with God and a life wholesomely devoted to his will.

The man of God said while perilous times may not abate, a life wedded to God has the capacity to weather every storm of life. And those who are wise, he argued, must seek to build bridges across to God, rather than running helter-skelter looking for solution where there are none.

He emphasised that from creation, Satan has been the architect of diverse afflictions in people’s lives, and problems plaguing nations, noting, however, that the only escape route is Christ Jesus. The GS, who spoke on ‘Restoring the falling foundation of the righteous’, and ‘Destroying the works and weapons of the devil,’ affirmed that “no circumstance can defile the power of God”.

Drawing inspiration from scripture, the cleric said the power that loosed the woman bound for 18 years with a spirit of infirmity is still potent enough today to set free as many as will be willing to touch Him by faith, admonishing believers and citizens to seek repose in God.

Kumuyi maintained that believers have not only received redemption but have also been given restorative power to deliver the afflicted.

Quite expectedly, the special service tagged “Night of Supernatural Deliverance” recorded several miracles as many participants testified to their instant deliverances.

A middle-aged man, Tope Agboola, joyfully testified that he received deliverance from strange voices and invisible personalities that had taken possession of his life, terrorising him in the process. According to Agboola, it was the affliction that caused his deportation from the UK, after he developed a mental problem. But on that Saturday night, he claimed he heard the sound of strange personalities flying out of his body with a terrifying speed.

Monica Aina, from Gowon Estate, Egbeda, Lagos, who had an accident in 2009, and had undergone four hip operations, testified to receiving her healing and had abandon her clutches after the prayer session.

Enewa James came to the programme from Obalende in Lagos, burdened by a goitre. According to her, the health challenge took her to various places in search of a solution. At a point she abandoned her family in Lagos to live with a sister in Abuja. She was told her case was hopeless and that nobody could perform an operation on her.

“I decided to drop all drugs. When Pastor was praying, I just heard a sharp sound, gboom, and the goitre disappeared”, she said.

Mercy Doe, a Ghanaian, testified to receiving freedom from an unexplainable illness. According to her, she suffered from an internal sensation akin to electric shock. Doe explained to the bewildered audience that while the affliction lasted, it was difficult for her to clap her hands or bring the two palms together because it was as if there were pieces of magnet inside her palms. But Saturday night, she clapped her hands vigorously to demonstrate her healing. And her joy knew no bounds.

For Nwadiuche Nkemdirim living in Surulere, Lagos who nursed a terrible pain in the chest region and anytime he walked, it was as if the heart was packing up. “Before now”, he began, “whenever I heard about miracle, I did not take it seriously. But today (Saturday), I am a partaker of miracle. Pastor mentioned my problem perfectly, that there’s somebody here who, whenever he is walking, it is as if he would drop dead. That’s how I became free; am totally free.”

The monthly miracle service is aimed at addressing the physical and spiritual needs of members and willing public, particularly people under various oppressions of the enemy, so that they can be of greater use to God and the nation.

Pastor Kumuyi reiterated the fact that people need to be set free in order to serve God without encumbrances and other obstructions which have the capacity to circumscribe the potentials of anyone.


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