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What is the status of Afribank, BAGCO?

I wish to know the status of Afribank Plc now Mainstreet Bank Plc and BAGCO PLC, in the Nigeria Stock Market, because I discovered that I can’t locate their names in the Daily Transactions in the  Nigerial Stock market (Matthew Ogundele)

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Afribank no longer exists. It was closed by the CBN, and its assets transferred to Mainstreet Bank. The implication is that you and other shareholders of the bank have lost your investment in the bank.

I can’t locate my CSCS Account

I will like you to please advise me. I actually bought some shares some years ago and later got a stock broker who helped me in opening a CSCS account and he gave me a printed document of the account information but after sometime I misplaced the paper so I don’t have information on my shares any longer.

I later went to his office and discovered that he’s no longer into stock broking. When I told him about  my lost document he  gave me a number that I should call,  that it’s for a lady at the stock exchange head office in Lagos,  that I should lodge my complaint to her.

I have not been able to reach the lady since.  Please advise me on what exactly I can do now because I have not been able to have any infomation on my shares for the past 2 to 3 years and I have not got any dividend since then. (Hamid Mujib, Ilorin)

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The best thing to do is to come to Lagos and visit CSCS. The company is located on 1st Floor, Stock Exchange House, 2/4 Customs Street, Lagos. When you get there, request for your CSCS Account. If indeed the broker bought the shares and registered them in CSCS, the Company will confirm to you.

If you can’t come to the office of CSCS in Lagos you can send a mail to The Managing Director, Central Securities Clearing System Plc, 1st Floor , Stock Exchange House, 2/4 Customs Street, Lagos Lagos, Nigeria, Email Address OR send email to You can also call: 0702 5768449

I need address of First Registrars

Please I need your help to make enquiries from First Registrars. Please text their GSM numbers to me.

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First Registrars is at Plot 2, Abebe Village Road Iganmu or call 234-1-773086, 7743309, 2701078, 2701079

Investment in Daar Communications, Bank PHB, any hope of refund

I bought 24,000 units of Daar Communications 31/03/08 but till date no dividend. Also I bought 18,000 units of Bank PHB in 2007 but  the bank no longer listed on the Stock Exchange. What becomes of my N306,000 investment. Any hope of refund?

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Bank PHB has been closed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, and all investment in the bank is gone. Daar Communications is yet to pay any dividend since it was listed on the stock exchange.

Please how do I sell my ETI shares?

Please I want to sell my ETI shares. How do I go about it?

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You need to first register the shares with the Central Securities Clearing System. To do this, take the share certificate to a stock broker for verification. It may take some time. But once this is done, and the shares are registered in the CSCS Account created for you, then you can ask the stock broker to sell the shares for you.


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