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Nigeria loses billions to substandard, fairly-used printing equipment

By Dotun Ibiwoye

Nigeria is losing billions of naira yearly, through the use and purchase of fairly used and substandard printing equipment says, Mr. Afolabi Taiwo, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Tee media.

Speaking in a chat with Vanguard, Taiwo noted that although the printing industry is very lucrative and will drastically reduce unemployment if well developed, Nigerians are still losing lots of money through the use of substandard printers.

According to him, “Our major challenge here is that most of the things that we use here are mostly used products. You will find out that people want to be using old laser printers. People go to the market with a small amount of money and they will get the old laser printer but at the end of the day it will not last and they end up buying equipments constantly.

‘’In developed countries, they use more of ink jet, desk jet and it gives you crisp designs. But back here we want to use laser printer because of cost. Outside having to purchase heat press machine, that is the commercial one. If you need to do five pieces of tee shirts, you don’t need to engage anybody. But back here in Nigeria it is a challenge to some of us because of our peculiar society.”

He also stated that in developed countries, the business of heat transfer is a business of old people and house wives which can be done in the bedroom with just a transfer paper, and a colour printer.

He added, “In developed countries, I was really surprised when I discovered that the business of heat transfer business is a business of old people and house wives. It is what they can do in the bedroom with just a transfer paper, and a colour printer.


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