March 26, 2013

Safety concerns… as parents reject HPV vaccination for daughters

Safety concerns… as parents reject HPV vaccination for daughters

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By Sola Ogundipe

Parents with young daughters are rejecting the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine  according to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics. Latest figures show that more than 16 percent of parents in 2010 rejected popular HPV vaccines like Gardasil and Cervarix for their daughters citing major safety concerns, this compared to just 4.5 percent of parents in 2008.

The study, which was put together by a team of researchers from major institutions across the U.S., evaluates current vaccination trends with regards to the various reasons why some parents do not vaccinate their children. After carefully evaluating data compiled as part of the 2010 National Immunization Survey of Teens, the research team learned that parents are increasingly rejecting the HPV vaccine, and specifically for reasons of safety more than anything else.

“Despite doctors increasingly recommending adolescent vaccines, parents increasingly intend not to vaccinate female teens with HPV,” explains the study’s conclusion. “The concern about safety of HPV grew with each year.”

In years past, many parents who objected to HPV vaccines for their daughters cited various other reasons such as a lack of need due to their daughters not being sexually active, or just a lack of need for no particular reason at all. But over the course of just two years, the number of parents who objected due to safety concerns jumped by nearly 400 percent, illustrating that parents are catching on to the truth about this deadly vaccine.

The Gardasil, alone has been linked to causing serious side effects in tens of thousands of young girls from all across the globe, and death in more than 130 others, according to the latest data compiled by SaneVax, Inc. And since these are only the reported number of adverse events, the actual number of serious injuries and deaths caused by HPV vaccines is likely far higher.

Controversy has trailed the Gardasil vaccine’s genetically-modified DNA fragments, and other additives. The overall efficiency of the vaccine has also been in contention.