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Transformation agenda and SAFE initiative at FMC Umuahia (2)

ALL these are calculated steps towards making FMC Umuahia a centre of excellence in cardiothoracic surgery capable of undertaking open heart surgeries.

Already, the acquisition of the necessary equipment has  begun in readiness  for takeoff, especially as the formidable intensive care unit is functioning.

Obstetrics and Gynecological Care

The level of obstetrics and gynecological care at FMC Umuahia is being strengthened on a regular basis. At present, FMC Umuahia is among the tertiary health institutions in the country where the  maternal mortality rate is quite commendable.

It has one of the lowest maternal mortality rates in Nigeria in comparison with in-patient admissions. A measure of the success of the practice of obstetrics and gynecology in this hospital is the fact that it has been accredited to train gynecologists by the West African College of Surgeons.

FMC Umuahia is also pulling its weight in the  field of internal medicine practice. It has a functional Cardiac Echo which is a diagnostic equipment for studying the heart. In fact, this area of medicine has been fully developed.

The hospital has a machine known as Daytona Randox, a very versatile machine capable of performing 400 different test parameters. In actuality, FMC Umuahia on account of this machine is one of the centres in Nigeria that can conduct doping tests for athletes.

The expectation of Dr. Chuku is that the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports will on account of this machine collaborate actively with the FMC Umuahia at the next National Sports Festival. An endocrinologist has also been engaged and plans are underway to hire more consultants in the field of internal medicine.

The hospital has started the construction of In-Vitro Fertilisation Laboratory, IVF. A new surgical ward extension currently under construction will provide facilities for the IVF laboratory. A doctor has undergone training in this field.

He has started the Fertility Clinic which will build up patients in readiness for the commencement of trials in collaboration with the Indian hospital where the fertility doctor received his training.

It is projected that FMC Umuahia will rank among the best fertility hospitals in Nigeria, bringing succour to heartbroken women who could not ordinarily conceive and deliver their babies normally.

Dialysis Centre

With the incidence of kidney failure on the rise, FMC Umuahia is taking proactive measure to provide the needed service for Nigerians suffering from the disease.

The team on dialysis is anchored around Dr. Chukwu Onye, a Nephrologist who is championing the medical centre’s revolutionary initiative in Nephrology. In this regard, therefore FMC Umuahia has resolved to provide dialysis services comparable to what is available in developed countries.

Plans are underway to procure additional six dialysis machines and one of the machines will be dedicated to HIV patients. This obviously will be a welcome development to HIV patients who find this service difficult to access in Nigeria.


FMC Umuahia has put together a brilliant team of urologists who are determined to positively impact on the lives of people with urological disorders. In this regard, one out of the three consultant urologists, Dr. George Acho, who was sent abroad for a specialist training in the field has successfully accomplished the task.

He is on ground at FMC Umuahia championing Transurethral Resection of the Prostate. TURP, surgery which is a surgical procedure that removes portions of the prostate gland through the penis. A TURP requires no external incision.

Special Services for Terminally -ill Patients

Under this scheme, the medical centre provides special palliative services to terminally ill patients. Dr. Ezekiel Ojimadu is the leader of this team with a surgeon, hematologist, pharmacist, forensic scientist and ICU nurse to deepen the practice in this area. They provide consistent and special care to patients with terminal illness alongside the attending physician.

Dr Chuku could best be described as a man  with a midas touch, anything he touches turns to gold. He  is media shy despite his great achievements in the health sector where he  has proved his worth.

His case is like a Gold Fish that has no hiding place as his voluminous achievements since he assumed the leadership of the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia has thrust him into the public limelight. No wonder he received encomiums, praises and commendations from all and sundry.

He  has  through leading by example   brought  good governance  as well as  strengthen the stewardship and technical responsibilities of  the Federal  Medical  towards integrated service delivery. He has displayed a business-like approach to the issues of administration in the Medical Centre.

He is a people – oriented  administrator who is never wavering in the cause of charting a new course for FMC . His love for moderation and his astute commitment to the overall  transformation  of medical centre has   the admiration of many Abians and Nigerians alike. He  projects a leadership profile that is sane and untainted by cheap materialism.

Dr. Chuku’s  personalities  reminds us all of the virtues of service, selflessness, hardwork and commitment. At many interactive fora, he has consistently stressed that for service to be meaningful and enduring, it has to be beyond self, service beyond the realms of mercantilism and must elevate  one to a level of altruism where the immediate objective is making a difference to the lives of others. According to him, no one serves without being passionate about the object of service.

Mr.  ADAEZE ONUOHA,  a  social  critic, wrote from Umuahia, Abia State.


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