February 12, 2013

FESTIVAL OF LOVE: What Valentine Day means to celebrities

FESTIVAL OF LOVE: What Valentine Day means to celebrities



It is a season to show and celebrate love like never before. A season where people, families, friends and well-wishers spend time together and hang out in some exciting places. Celebrities have different impression about this celebration. While some see it as a very special day, very many others have a different opinion.

Here are some of their responses as sampled

I don’t believe in lovers’ day — Halima Abubakar

What I am going to say may sound strange to you, but that’s who I am. I really don’t  believe in Valentine day. I am not just excited about the season.  To me, a day should not be what you will make special for somebody you are in love with. Love is not something you can celebrate in a day.

Halima's new look

Halima’s new look

To me, every day of my life I live it for love. That’s my own side of the story. I don’t have a special day for love. Everyday is Valentine day to me. Every day all I need is for somebody to tell me, I love you, not only on the 14th of February.  That’s doesn’t mean I am against the celebration. I wish those who  like to celebrate it a happy celebration. There is no special hang-out for me on that day. If there is any charity event coming up on that day, I will attend it. Beside this, I am not interested.

It means love to me — Chiege Alisigwe

To me, valentine day is a time to show love in a special way.That’s   why I have decided to spend that day with my lovely husband. I will be having my valentine with my husband. Though I will be opening all my bathroom and bedroom accessories shop very soon, and I am hoping it does not clash with the celebration. I will celebrate the valentine here in Nigeria.

I’ll be working  in the studio — Iyanya

For me, I will be celebrating my own valentine day inside the studio, rehearsing for the concert and my album lunch. The album, Iyanya vs Desire, will be lunched on the 11th of February in Abuja and on the 2nd of March in Lagos. We all know Valentine day means sharing of love and cares to  our loved ones. I am  busy now and certainly do not have the  time to celebrate the day.



It’s a normal day to me — Kehinde Bankole

To me, there is nothing special about Valentine Day. It is just a normal day like every other day. If I  will be at work on  that day, I am at work. And if I am at home, I will remain at home. Whatever I set out to do on that day, I will definitely continue with it.  I can’t stop my normal daily activities because of Valentine Day celebration. I don’t have any special plan or hang out on  that day. There is no special preparation for me.  Whatever I find myself doing that day, I will continue with that nothing more.

People might choose a day to mark it; I believe they should also use honourable things to mark the celebration. The hype about it is too much, it is not even necessary. They are making it sound as if there is a special thing for that day. To me every day of my life is honourable and I make sure it I so. I don’t think there is something special with 14th of February. Am outside the country to relax myself and to know if there is any international opportunity I can get not mainly for valentine. Will get back to work as soon as am by the ending of this month.

It’s confusing to me — Amaka Anioji

Well, Valentine Day  is confusing to me. But then, we always talk about love during this period. So, I go with the flow, love all the way. Talking about hangout on that day, for me, no. because, I will be working on that day. I have a project I am working on and unfortunately, I am working on the 14th   of February which is the valentine’s day. So, there will be no hangout for me on that day.

I celebrate my woman everyday — Lawrence Onuzulike

Valentine Day doesn’t make much  meaning to me because I celebrate my woman everyday. I don’t wait for a particular day to celebrate her. Yes, I believe in love. I still believe that love is the most beautiful thing on earth. I think to some celebrities, Valentine Day is the day to show love while to some, it’s the day to rake in big buck from various performances and appearances at events.

On that day, I’ll be on stage with Segun Arinze, Okey Bakassi, Benita Nzeribe hosting Chico Ejiro’s Love Fiesta at the Oriental hotel, Lekki.

Val  day is worth celebrating — May D

It is a very special day and it’s worth celebrating. To me, there is nothing special to celebrate on that day, but I am going to celebrate  on stage in Port-Harcout on that day. Though, I am still working on my album which will be released later in the year. For now, I only have a concert in PH for fun seekers.