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Mysterious Arabic inscription causes commotion in Lagos

…To be displayed today at Lagos C’Mosque after Jumat service

There was pandemonium at the Ebute Ero end of the Lagos Island in the early hours of Sunday following the sudden appearance of an Arabic inscription ALLAH (God) on a patch of dry cement, on end of the road leading to Ebute Ero Welfare Association Market, Lagos Island Local Government, few meters away from the Police Division in the area.

Initial report said the mysterious inscription appeared overnight on the floor of the road and became more apparent at noon on Sunday attracting thousands of people and causing a frenzied rush to the area.

Speaking to Facing the Kaaba, on the issue, the Chief Imam of Lagos State, Alhaji Muhammad Garuba Akinola Ibrahim, OON, said it was found in the early hours of Sunday at a place usually covered by water within the Ebute Ero Market; but it manifested because the water-log in the area dried up. “So, it could have been there before now but because of the water-log, no one could have noticed it. But it is one of the signs of Allah.”

The stone excavated on the floor of Ebute Ero Market carrying inscription of Allah
The stone excavated on the floor of Ebute Ero Market carrying inscription of Allah

Alhaji Garba stated that similar miraculous examples had been found in fish; trees, snail even in babies all over the world urging that it is another opportunity to witness the signs of Allah and to show that Islam is a religion sanctioned by Allah. He lampooned those who threw caution to the wind and bowed down in worship of the object urging them to repent and seek forgiveness of Allah as it is only a sign of Allah and not a deity to be worshiped.

Stating why the object had to be removed to the Central Mosque, The Chief Imam stated: “My attention was drawn to the stampede and what people had turned the stone into within 24 hours that it was noticed; some bowed to it turning it into a deity of some sort; so, we had to remove it from there.”

He disclosed that the object will be displaced at the Central Mosque today after Jumat service for interested member of the public to see but warned that people should avoid committing shirk on the signs of Allah.

Alhaji Jide Idris who led the excavation of the stone noted that it was difficult removing the stone, nothing that even the police could not contain the rowdiness as everyone in the area wanted a glimpse of the object. He confirmed that it was at found on the road usually covered by water.

He stressed that since it was removed, people including the non-Muslims have been coming to the Central Mosque to see the stone.

Five people were reported fainted due to the rowdiness of the place while many hoodlums seized the opportunity to commit crimes.

Etiquette of using Ayatu-Qurisiy

By Harun Razaq

Recently, we presented in this very column etiquette of using Ayatul Qursiy focusing on the importance, virtuous, and uses of the verse. We are going to continue the topic today by examining account of witnesses on value and uses of the verse.

Halimah Hussain’s story: In his book titled “The evil Eye” (2004, pages 153-154) Abdur Rauf Sa’eed narrated a life story of Halimah Hussain living at Gwagwaleda, Abuja, who had a contact with a jinn boy friend name Kitah when she was in her final year at University of Ife.

The jinn claimed to be a medical student in the University and dated her for about four years before his real identity manifested. It is a demon with a capacity to turn to cat, dog, man etc. at will. But the jinn threatened to killed her if she divulge his identity.

She got all  she wanted from the jinn including a deeply gratifying sexual experience, but she was never comfortable with a demon as a partner. She had gotten seven cars at age of 32 and four houses at 35. She later met Ustaz Murtadha Habibullahi who at the National Mosque, Abuja spoke on the value of Ayatul Qursiy. She started reading it, until her partner (jinn) deserted her, only to appear in her dream with a sharp axe. She wrestled with it and killed it.

Tabligh brothers experience: A group of Muslim brothers went to preach Islam in a village and got there late. On reaching the Mosque, the available water was not sufficient for ablution and asked from the villagers were to get water. They told them that they don’t used to fetch water in the night for the reason that their well (standing water) was located in the forest and seriously warned the brothers not to go there because demon.

The Muslim brothers disregarded their warning and went to fetch water putting there trust in Allah, reciting constantly the verse and other adhkar on their way. And when they got to the well they met Jinn taller than palm tree blocking their way to the well. But it later disappeared after reciting Ayatul Qursiy.


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