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I was on a revenge mission, says man who kidnapped boss’ sister

By Ifeanyi Okolie

A team of operatives from the Special Investigation Bureau,SIB and the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS, have arrested six  suspected members of a kidnap syndicate, over the abduction and subsequent release of a woman, last  November, after payment of 70,000 US Dollars.

Surprisingly, one of the suspects identified as Nonso Ejike, a 34-year-old trader, was discovered to be a former apprentice of  the victim’s brother.

To the surprise of all , Nonso, admitted to have masterminded the kidnap but said it was not purposely to make  money but to have his pound of flesh on his former boss.

The arrest according to  Police sources, was made after the ransom was paid and the victim released. It was gathered that while the victim was still   in the  kidnapers den, one of her abductors used her phone to make a call.

*Suspected  kidnappers with Nonso, first right.
*Suspected kidnappers with Nonso, first right.

“We took the number, ran a track on them and in the process, one of those numbers happened to be the mobile number of Nnoso Ejike, who was an ex staffer of the victim’s brother. We tracked  and apprehended him. He confessed and provided us with all  information we used to arrest five other members of the gang,” sources stated.

I did it on revenge When approached,  Ejike said:“ I want to make it clear to the world that I didn’t stage my boss sister’s kidnap  because of money. I did it on revenge because my boss and her sister offended me. The woman is a very a wicked woman and I thought  the only way I could pay back, was to  kidnap her.

My problem with them started when they wanted to settle me,after serving them for over three years.My boss has a pharmaceutical store and  another  big firm in  Lagos Island. But he settled  me with  only N250,000 when I was leaving, an amount that was  too small for me to start any meaningful business.

In any case, I  decided to travel to China to do some menial jobs.  That was in 2007, where I spent four years before I was deported.Before leaving the shores of Nigeria, I had a girlfriend who also worked for my former boss. After I was deported,  we decided to get married. That was in 2011.

But my boss was never happy with the union and he did not hide it. He would taunt my wife for accepting to marry a nobody like me. On two occasions, she lost her pregnancy due  to hard work in the office.  As if that was not enough,  my ex boss threw her out  when she was nine months pregnant without paying her a dime”

Nonso hinted that when  he went to ask his former boss why  his wife was laid off  without  payment,he was informed  that she was indebted to the company to the tune of N3 Million, a claim his wife attributed to failure on the part  of some  customers to pay for goods purchased.

“I became angry and decided to kidnap his sister because she was the one instigating  my ex-boss against us. Then,  I contacted  three of my friends; Nwabueze, Nwankwo and Ifeanyi,  who are also traders at Lagos Island and informed  them of my plan. Nwabueze thereafter,  introduced me to some boys at  Mile 2 area, whom he felt  could do the job.

I met the boys,  took them to the woman’s house and the next thing they did was to  kidnap her . They took her to a hotel in Ikorodu where she was kept  for  some   days,with $300,000 demanded as ransom.But at  the end,  $70,000 was paid  and  she was  released .  I got N2million as my share from the ransom  and  deposited it in  the bank. My intention was not to make  money  out of it but to address injustice.” Ejike insisted


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