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Powercell, Swiss firm to invest $2m in renewable energy

By Sebastine OBASI

Power cell limited, an emerging leader in the design and installation of innovative solar energy solutions is partnering with Newave Energy, a reputable Swiss manufacturer of UPS to invest fledgling renewable energy sub-sector in Nigeria. The group plans to invest more than $2 million within the next 14 months.

Powercell signed the partnership with Newave Energy SA of Switzerland to bring UPS with outstanding quality and reliability to the people of Nigeria.

NEWAVE is the manufacturer of Uninterrupted Power Supply, UPS. Swiss made product are globally known for their outstanding quality and reliability. Recently, Newave got married to ABB Group of Companies (another giant in the world power industry)

With about 20 years of manufacturing experience in UPS by Newave Energy and 120 years of quality power products by ABB, Customers not only save money and protect their capital investment, but also have lower energy usage and protect the environment.

Newave Energy is a leading producer of UPS in the world. It is also the pioneer manufacturer of modular and transformer-less UPS.

The Managing Director of Powercell, Mr. Tayo Balogun, said that a lot of companies in Nigeria spend so much money on acquisition of data centres and back it up with low quality UPS. “At the end of the day, they loose a lot of information and the effect is loss of money,” he said. The ABB UPS will be available in modular and stand alone series.

According to Balogun, the range of UPS include; 1-phase UPS, 3-phase Stand alone UPS and 3-phase modular UPS. The Company would also introduce into the Nigeria as the hub of West African Market 1kva to 5MVA (5000KVA) UPS range.

The target customers of the low end UPS (1kva to 10kva single phase) are small offices, individuals and small scale enterprises who need single phase UPS.

For the high end UPS, (10kva three phase to 500kva) the target customers are industries and hotels, retail and commercial computing, telecoms/broadcast stations, hospitals, oil and gas companies, financial and insurance institutions, transport companies, ministries, places of worship, ministries, departments and agencies,(MDAS).

“Our Engineers and the Sales team are manufacturer’s-trained from NEWAVE ENERGY headquarter in Quartino, Switzerland. We make sure you no longer waste money on UPS but have value for your investment in your back up system ABB UPS,” Balogun said.


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