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Maitama Sule blames nation’s woes on tribalism, religion


LAGOS—Elder statesman and Dan-Masanin Kano, Alhaji Yusuf Maitama-Sule, has identified tribalism and religion as the main problems of Nigeria.

Maitama Sule stated this during the 3rd Annual CEO’s Dinner/Awards’ nite organised by Academy for Entrepreneurial Studies, AES, Excellence Club in Lagos.

He said: “No religion of God says you should pressurize or force somebody to embrace it, and all religion teache peace and love, the essence of every religion is love,” he said.

Maitama Sule, former Nigerian representative to the United Nations and the United Nations Special Committee against Aparthied, said “all these things that are happening in the country will by the grace of God come to an end one day.

“As we overcame all the crisis in the first Republic, so shall we overcome the crisis in the present Nigeria.

“Therefore, I have a dream that Nigeria will soon be great; I have a dream that Nigeria will be a united country, a prosperous country that will take her proper place in the comity of nations and will lead the rest of Africa, inspire Africans all over the world.

“I have a dream that we will come to love one another because the problem in Nigeria is lack of love, our problem is tribalism and religion..  Islam and Christian faith teach the same moral values.”

President AES Excellence Club, Mr. Ausbeth Ajagu, urged that Nigerians, collectively and individually, must make concerted effort to change the country for good.

Ajagu said:   “It is rare to find a dedicated Nigeria were some people are fighting for the acquisition of private jet and people suffering in abject poverty.

“Why should we have oil and gas and everything going for us and we still wallow in abject poverty, it is sad. It is time to search our soul, what will you gain to acquire all the wealth, I believe Nigeria has potential and the market, therefore let us condemn bad leadership.”


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