Special Report

December 1, 2012

Gays are prone to contacting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – Dr. Nwokocha

Gays are prone to contacting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – Dr. Nwokocha

Dr Reginald Nwokocha

Dr. Reginald Nwokocha, a general medicine practitioner and medical director of Hosanna Medical Centre, Ketu dismissed insinuations that gay practice is safe from the contracting sexually transmitted diseases  (STDs). He told CHARLES ADINGUPU in this interview that homosexuals are more exposed to STDs than those practising heterogeneous sex.

Is it true that gay cannot contact sexually transmitted disease (STD)?

That’s pure fallacy. They are even more prone to contacting sexually transmitted diseases, especially men who meet men of their likes. They usually indulged in oral or anal sex. They are more commonly exposed to diseases like haptetis B and C, Human Imuno Deficiency Syndrome Virus infections/AIDS.

Dr Reginald Nwokocha

There are other sexually transmitted diseases that homosexuals are exposed to except if there are no penetrative sex, like a woman holding the body of a woman and a man holding the body of another man.

But for a man penetrating the anus of another man or inserting his manhood in the mouth of another  man, it is an open invitation  to lots of infections. The anus of any human-being is a dirty area. It harbours a lot of bacteria. And these bacteria when they leave that surface where they are to another, it becomes effective. So you find out that there are a lot of STDs homosexuals are exposed to.

However, body to body contact will pose any health hazard but when a woman does lick the virgina of another woman, it is called cunnilingus. It transmits the bacteria in the mouth into the virgina.
Every human-being has bacteria in the mouth which causes no harm. But the moment, such bacteria leaves that environment to another environment, it causes infection.

Even when women use hands to fumble with themselves such as fingering each other they can contact STD through this process. The fingers are dirty. It is not true that same sex relationship is for the avoidance of infection rather it is an open invitation for the contracting of STDs that are not even common or occur in heterosexual relationship.

Is it lack of sexual satisfaction that encourages homosexuality?

No, it is more of an abnormal sexual behavour. It is also not as a result of lack of sexual satisfaction but psychological problem developed overtime. Instead of getting attracted to man as a woman, a man gets attracted to a man such persons need a psycho-therapist. They need counselling, hey need to be made to realise the need for male female relationship. Some of them acquired it through early boyhood or childhood relationship.

The male child who has been an introvert all his childhood days, cannot go out to speak to girls or peer group now finds it easier to talk to a fellow boy. He lures a fellow boy into such kind of foreplay and gradually develops into homosexualism. The situation applies for the female to female relationships. These traits usually developed in secondary schools particularly those in dormitories. It is more common among girls.

Homosexuality is also common in only boys’ school. But in a mixed school – boys and girls even when there is no physical contact of sex, the boy-girl relationships develop overtime because, each girl is pair to a man just as a boy is paired to a girl.

This will invariably lead to decent heterosexual relationship which will be consummated  much later in life. The boy begins to see the attraction of a woman, just as the girl also sees the attraction of a man.