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China blames African importers for inferior products

… As China’s investments soar
The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Deng Boqing, has blamed local importers and government officials for importation of low and inferior products into African market due to greedy and selfish reason. The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria told the Economic Confidential magazine in an exclusive interview.

While regretting the antics of importers of inferior products, Ambassador Ding said: “China has been hailed as the ‘World Factory’ with its products reaching every corner of the earth, producing products for the high end market and fair quality products targeted for the medium and low end market.”

He disclosed that most of the low quality products come to Africa because “African people, due to limited consumption level and capability, prefer cheap products which propel some African businessmen to import low end and low priced products from China. Secondly, many African importers, when making orders of products from Chinese manufacturers, always press for a lower price, which leaves little room of profit for the manufacturers and thus low guarantee of quality for the products.”

Another reason Ambassador Deng Boqing  gave was that “Relevant authorities of African countries, where smuggling and gray customs clearance are quite common, have not conducted effective supervision against the low quality products.


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