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GKS laments rising rate of divorces in Nigeria


THE chairman of the Executive Board of God’s Kingdom Society (GKS), Brother Godwin Ifeacho, has decried the increasing rate of divorce in Nigeria and other parts of the world, warning that the trend was contrary to the divine order and posed grave dangers to the wellbeing of the society.

In an address read at this year’s “Freedom Day Divine Service” at the GKS Service Hall, Elelen-wo, near Port Harcourt, entitled “Living a godly life in Christ Jesus”, Brother Ifeacho, noted that most divorces were caused by financial pro-blems, infidelity, dis-respect or disregard for each other, among other reasons and exhorted all couples to live up to their marriage vows by using the word of God “to work on their problems with prayers to God with Whom all things are possible”.

Drawing inspiration from Matthew 19:9, Malachi 2:14-16 and Hebrews 13:4, he stated at the service which also featur-ed the dedication of the ultra-modern Service Hall of GKS, Elelenwo branch, that marital break-ups were undermining social cohesion and heightening youth restiveness, hence the need for couples to avoid resorting to divorce at the least opportunity.

Another area, he said, many professed Christ-ians were coming short of the demands of God was in the area of sexual morality. He regretted that “though some claim to be Christians yet they indulge in fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, cohabitation or trial marriage or even what some call “open marr-iage” loose relationships in which the parties agree to have other sexual part-ners contrary to the Bible”.

He also charged those who want to live godly lives to reflect their beliefs in their manner of dress-ing as it gives immediate impression of the persons character and world view. “One cannot dress inde-cently, portraying oneself as loose in morals or wild in character or as a dev-iant just to be seen as fashionable and yet want to be taken ser-iously as a Christian,” he said while rebuking the attitude of some men who were fond of instructing their wives to wear outfits that expose their bodies.

He urged women to  disobey such instruct-ions “for we must obey God rather than men”.

Speaking at the Service Hall dedication, the chairman of the GKS Elelenwo branch, Bro-ther Henry Obukonise thanked God for the efforts of the church hierarchy and the me-mbers over the years which has culminated in the completion of the hall. Present at the service were a member of the GKS Executive Board, Brother Samuel Ayavoro, the minister in charge of Rivers State branches, Brother Timo-thy Esimagbele, the chairman of the GKS Laity, Brother Emmanuel Ogidi as well as GKS members and invited guests from Rivers, Bayelsa and Abia states.

The GKS marks the birth of Christ which she calls “Freedom Day” in the month of October every year by way of Divine Services which feature sermons, songs and dances and answering of questions from members of the public.

Similarly, vice chairman, Executive Board, Bro-ther Felix Adedokun said the entire world is still in search of genuine freedom because of the deceit of mankind.

Addressing newsmen after the Freedom Day teaching in Lagos, Brother Adedokun lamented that Christian leaders are not speaking the truth on the actual birth date of Jesus Christ, adding that the Bible did not mention a particular date or month that the messiah was born.

In his words: “The geographical features of Palestine do not support the belief of some that Christ was born in Dec-ember. The cold of the night in Palestine from December to February is very piercing and it was not the custom of sheph-erds to watch their flock in the open fields later than the end of October. It is in the least degree incredible that the birth of Christ could have taken place at the end of December”.

On the state of the nation, the GKS official urged Nigerians to have the fear of God, imbibe integrity and shun all forms of unrighteousness.


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