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Fashion shades for the scorching heat


Lines seem longer at the cafeteria now.  Beads of sweat now cause an unusual stench in lecture halls, and even classrooms with fans seem to circulate a depressing blend of heat, smell and sweat. Summer break is just an expression to describe ‘July and August’, truth is: no school management will give you a holiday because of the sun. Solution: You might have to take your own comfort into your own hands. Since school libraries have the best air conditioning, spend some more time there, and follow these simple fashion tips.

Bright and beautiful:

Now you have a perfect excuse to try colour blocking. Darker colours absorb heat and could make it very obvious when you emit sweat. But the lighter shades on the colour wheel will do your body a lot of good.

‘Cotton’ is your candy: Cotton is the sweetest, sweat-less good you can do yourself in this season.  Although many trendy clothes are made of chiffon and nylon, you can find cotton blouses that work just fine.

Slim belts over wide belts: Wide belts will leave a patch of sweat on your clothes and a blast of heat just beneath. If you have to wear belts, go for slim ones instead.

Shoe advice:

This is the best time to wear sandals. Sandals aid proper ventilation for your feet and will help keep your self-respect by not stinking when you take them off in class. If you must wear shoes, go for easily removable shoes and air them out often. Heels could be quite uncomfortable in the heat, except you don’t plan on walking much.

•The handkerchief is king: There’s nothing like a good old fashioned hanky. Keeping one or more handy is an indispensable fashion secret for the scorching heat. Facial wipes, tissues or towels can also be used.

•Sunshades:  Before silly fashion trends made them an in house thing, sun shades were designed as the name suggests: to shade you from the sun. Now that you know, embrace them!


Full braids, long weave-ons, and short weave-ons without skull caps are hot this season. ‘Hot’ in the uncomfortable sweaty kind of way. If you’ve never taken that bold step to step out in your own hair, now could be the time. If not, just stick with big braids that aren’t too full or glue your weave-ons to a removable skull cap.


Drink loads of it, bathe in it, and wash your face with it as many times as you can.


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