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Cancer fighter: Top cancer-forming foods to avoid (2)

By Julia Oyefunke Fortune

IN fact, one European study links the decline in breast cancer cases in Europe to the forty-one percent drop in use of HRT. Th is study further adds that HRT stimulates the growth of pre-existing, clinically latent tumors that may not otherwise become clinically apparent. A check of Internet sites like MedLine and MedMD suggest that if HRT must be used, do so at the lowest possible dose and for the least amount of time.

Beef, especially, is another dangerous source of artificial hormones. Because hormones stimulate growth in cattle and farmers are essentially paid based on the weight of the animals they sell for slaughter, hormones increase an animal’s weight and as such, the farmer’s profits.

While the USDA may assert that there are strict regulations in place regarding hormone use, the truth could be that the only requirement is that residue levels in meat are less than one percent of the daily hormone production of children, which is effectively unenforceable because there is no USDA testing for hormone residues in meat. Another issue could be that even if the USDA did test these animals, synthetic hormone residue is not practically diff erentiable from the natural hormones created by the cow’s body.

Farming, like any other business, is a profit-driven business; farmers are always looking for ways to cut costs. One of the ways they may legally do this is by feeding their livestock the cheapest food available, which is soybeans and corn. In fact, statistics show livestock consumes 47 percent of the soy and sixty percent of all the corn produced in the

What is even more disturbing is that both corn and soy are two most commonly known genetically-engineered and chemically sprayed crops in the US, both huge risk factors for cancer. In fact, a whopping 85 per cent of all soybeans and 40 percent of all corn is now genetically altered.

As well, notwithstanding the pesticide and genetically modified issues, soy is further known for its estrogenic effects, particularly in breast cancer. The FDA itself lists 288 studies citing the potential dangers of soy, yet it is still being touted as the best alternative to meat.

Many studies have been focused on the effects of food dyes and not surprisingly, the findings are not good. Some studies report food dyes have been found to mimic the growth-promoting effects of estrogen, a known risk factor for cancer. Others directly link food dyes to thyroid

cancer. Almost all junk food is filled with artificial flavoring and colours, which are linked to a variety of cancers. Avoid these foods as much as possible and read labels. You would be surprised at how much

of our food is made with artificial flavoring and colours!

As discussed earlier, all refined carbohydrates raise blood glucose levels, a factor now linked to cancer. Sugar, high fructose corn syrup and white flour are not only devoid of any nutrients but they essentially throw your body into sugar shock. Avoid these foods.


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