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Nigerians lament daily increase in food prices


Prices are increasing every day— Micheal Chukwuemeka.

The prices are increasing on a daily basis because of the flood. For instance, we use to buy a bag of white garri at the rate of N3,000 before the flood. But now, the price has gone up to N6,000 . Likewise beans.

A bag of beans before the flood was sold at the rate of N 30,000 but now, you cannot get the same bag unless you have from N35,000 and above.

The price increase is general to all the food stuffs there is no exception. Talking about how we maintain our customers with the sudden increase in the prices of the commodities, it is really very difficult to convince them to buy. But as a business man, we use to persuade them to see reasons why there was an increase. Most times, we end up not being able to convince some of them to buy.

Micheal Chukwuemeka

Sometimes when you tell them about the increase, they will not believe they will like to check other places to make sure that they are not being cheated after confirming that it is a general increase, they will come back and buy.

I do not see the possibilities of the price coming down with the situation things are going in this country. I will advise the government to work on our drainage system. Though this flood is a natural disaster, but some flood problems within some states are caused by poor drainage system in the country. So I will advise the government to work more on that area.

It is really affecting our goods—— Chinedu Eze

Well, why I am still selling at the rate of N400 for a painter of garri is because, I am selling based on the old price I bought the it. For some people, they sell N600. Some sell above and it also depend on how much they buy. In this our market, there is no uniform prices of commodities.

While others sell higher, some sell lower but the problem is that there is a general increase in the prices of these commodities and it is all as a result of the flood. In a normal sense, this is the time garri especially use to be very cheap. Garri adds money around January after Christmas.

So, I do not know the reason why the commodity is becoming so costly this time when it is supposed to be very cheap. But no matter how costly garri is, on a very normal day, it is not supposed to be sold above N180. You find out now that it is going above N600.

Talking about other commodities like beans, it is not that costly. We still have some for N230 or N250. There are also serious indications that the price of rice will be on the increase. The ordinary local rice that we all know sell for N7, 500 as to what we use to buy it before.

The worst of it is that, we still sell at the normal price it was sold before. Because, if we try to add a little money to make our gains, our customers would not come again.

Though we do not add much money to the change, we still could not maintain our customers because, some of them when you tell them the new price change, and they will go back. Some do buy after much persuasion. It is so painful to see your customers leaving your store all because there is a change in the price which is beyond your control.

Prices change every second—— Achunike John

I went to market last two week in the place we use to buy the commodities, they sold to me at a very higher price I decided not to buy with the hope that the price will come down a bit if I come back some other time.

When I went back to the same place a week after, to my greatest surprise, I found that the same commodity has added N1, 500 to the price they sold it to me the other time I came. I had no choice than to buy it at that the price.

Chinedu Eze

Even on Friday, garri was sold at the price of N6, 000 for a bag. When we try to ask why, they told us that the flood washed away many farmlands where some of these food stuff grow. We have no choice than to add little to the selling price in other to cover some inevitable expenses.

The worst is that, we use to buy beans at the price of N12, 000 before, but the same beans now sells for N35, 000 and it has tremendously increased after this flood problem. The type of beans we buy at the rate of N8,000 now sells at N11,000.

All the said is caused by the flood. We all know how things go in this country. When things have started going up here, there is no coming down. My customers are not patronizing me as before. As you can see, I have been talking to this woman here for a long time now to convince her to buy some paints of garri, she ended up buying only one paint.

There is no much hope on the price coming down. It adds almost every second. I am please calling on the government to come to our rescue.

There is no much problem here in Lagos because of the flood. If you go to the main affected states like Delta, Bayelsa and some other places, they are really passing through famine period. Some people send food stuffs down to them there because they have nowhere to get the stuff and if there is any place it is sold, it is normally very costly.

If you go to maza-maza park, you will see food stuffs being sent down to south-south and south-east just for them to survive.



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