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How Nigeria can avert looming anarchy – Osakwe

Dr. Ezeatakwulu Osakwe is the Africa/National President and Commandment General of Crisis Action Control Squad, an organisation that tackles human rights, anti-corruption, security and public defence para military trust. In this interview, he talks about the state of the nation and how to steer the country out of the path to anarchy.

His assessment of the state of the country since independence.

There is progress in the policy system of the country but we are craving for the best. I will also advise the human rights activists to live up to expectation so as to reduce corruption.


I can categorically say that Nigerian President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the new Inspector General of Police, Abubakar Mohammed,  have done well and they should be ready to do more.

There should be an increase in the discipline of the police so as to reduce ripples and aid security improvement. Democracy is a gradual process and we are looking for the best. With the emergence of the president, things are coming in place. The fact is that the President is mature in handling matters in the country if not, we would have been experiencing war.
On the raging wave of insecurity

We have given so much publicity to the Boko Haram sect. The truth is that the advisers are not in complete control of the simple method to abate the situation.

It requires some level of intelligence. Although, dialogue is necessary but we must device a means to know what warfare we should use in combating this problem. The leadership is civil and that is why it seems things are lingering. And except we fashion out a proper approach, Boko Haram will not be a thing of the past.

It is a war that is going on all over the world but the Americans, Germans have been able to chase them out. They are only being active within the Arab world.

The fact that Nigeria practices Islam means there is tendency for our brothers to want to use their ideology of rejecting Western education. Just as Christians also see those who are not Christians as those who will not make paradise.

The foundational problem of Nigeria emanates from religious orientation, which I have advised the government to take action on. Everything that influences us also comes from the religious background.

There are many factors to look at and see how we can make some changes in the society. And that is when we can talk about progress in the security system and the country at large.

Way out of the logjam created by religion

Each group using their different weapons including the Bible, Quaran should be mandated to form a board of trustees that takes control and be held responsible for all the indoctrinations. Religious leaders have commercialised churches so much that they prefer to make money than inculcating morals in the lives of the people.

There is need to call all the religious leaders together in a different platform and look at restructuring all the religions and how it could affect the society positively.
On fear that Nigeria may disintegrate.

It is impossible for the country to split because we have already split into 36 states. It is necessary to have those who would agree and disagree. The only thing Nigerians should be expecting is anarchy. There will be a situation where nobody will know who is killing the other and this will come out as a result of false religious indoctrination.



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