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Caught in the act! How Vigilante group nabbed suspected burglars


THEY were surreptitious and calculated as they arrived a sparsely populated village of Era in Abule, Iyana-Era of Oto-Awori LGA, of Lagos state. Their mission?  To sneak into one of the buildings and cart away whatever they could lay their hands on.  But they were not so smart enough to observe that an eagle-eyed member of a vigilante group in the community was on their trail as they made their moves.

Unfortunately, they were rounded up as soon as they succeeded in forcing their way into the building to commence their nefarious activities. The man behind the arrest of the thieves simply gave his name as Mr. Afolabi Omotosho while the thieves identified themselves as Kunle,23 and Segun, 24.

The suspects

Reports say,  the duo were earlier spotted in the community walking aimlessly by a passerby who later   noticed that both Kunle and Segun had detoured, sneaked into the compound of a resident popularly called  Alhaji and were making frantic efforts to enter into the building through the roof.  The passerby promptly alerted  members of the neighbourhood watch operating under the aegis of The Vigilante Group of Nigeria VGN, Era zone and got them arrested.

The unnamed passerby told Crime Alert that he suspected movements around the said house and did not like it hence he raised an alarm. The suspects, it was gathered, were aware that the occupants of the house were not around and therefore used the opportunity to get into the house and cart away some valuable properties, but unknown to them, they were being monitored.

Immediately the neighbours  noticed that the suspects had entered into the house, they rushed to call the leader of the vigilance group whose office was not far from the crime scene.  He too,  alerted other members and in a twinkle of an eye, the suspected burglars were rounded up.

In an interview,  the leader of the Vigilante group Mr.S.A Omotosho, said his office is opposite the crime scene adding that he was  on routine patrol of the area when a man and woman ran to him to say that two men had just scaled the fence of a house opposite his office.

“So I quickly,  called my boys,  we went to the house and noticed that the gate was under lock and key; which invariably means that the owners of the house were not around. I called Alhaji who was the owner of the house to quickly come back from wherever he went;  that his house was being burgled by thieves.

I  therefore, told my boys to pass through the fence which the suspects used so that we will not alert them.  When we got into the compound, we found out that the thieves used the ceiling to get into the building because the door to the building was padlocked too. I instructed two of my boys to pass through the ceiling to get the boys.

When my boys got into the building, they discovered that the thieves were ransacking all the properties for valuables and anything they could steal. Upon noticing that their games were up, they quickly surrendered. When Alhaji came back he was very happy and was full of appreciation.

As at the time of filing this report, the two suspects have been handed over to the police for further investigation.


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