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Call for the resignation and trial of Adoke

Call for the resignation and trial of Adoke

Meanwhile some members of the Cross River State House of Assembly yesterday called for the resignation of the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Bello Adoke, for allegedly misinforming the nation that there were no fresh facts that would warrant appealing against the ICJ judgment.

Mr. John Gaul Lebor representing Abi Constituency said the comment of the AGF was a clear indication that there was conspiracy against the state by the Federal Government.

A pregnant woman among a cross section of women with their babies delivered at the resettlement Camp for Bakassi indigenes.

He said: “My colleagues have said everything but the issue I want to address is the statement made by the Attorney General of the Federation to the effect that Cross River State or the people of Bakassi have not produced any fresh evidence that will warrant them to file for a review.

“He is not the court. It was a conspiracy for him to say that the evidence is not viable evidence. It is not the duty of Bakassi or Cross River State to provide evidence because we are only a part of the federation, we have no locus standi to go to The Hague to file a motion, Nigerian nation is the one we rely on to file that matter. So if it refuses to, our position is that Bello Adoke should resign as the Attorney General and should face trial for treason.

He took an oath to deend the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he was busy saying that the international community, the US, France are not happy with the petition. When America decided to get Osama in Pakistan, did they take permission from the Pakistan government?

“What we are asking for was for him to go and apply for a review. Cross River State people feel bad that this is a conspiracy and we are going to start another new struggle.

“This conspiracy against Cross River will not end at midnight today, we are going to open another chapter and the Nigerian nation will pay dearly for it. The House of Assembly has taken another step asking the National Assembly to take a further position if the president refuses to listen to that resolution. What we are calling the National Assembly and stakeholders is to make sure that the president complies with the provision of the constitution.

“The president is not bigger than the constitution, Bello Adoke is an ordinary appointee, he is an ordinary lawyer that was appointed the Attorney General of the Federation. If by tomorrow the Bakassi review is not filed the National Assembly should take appropriate measure against the president and his appointee, Bello Adoke, for failure to defend the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, the Southern Senators Forum, SSF yesterday expressed its incapacity over the Federal Government decision not to appeal the judgment of the ICJ.

Addressing Journalists after  a meeting of the forum, Senator James Manager, PDP, Delta South, however, said the forum on its own could not address the issue saying  that the matter was for the entire Senate act on.

It would be recalled that the Senate and the House of Representatives had on September 25 taken a joint resolution urging the President to appeal the October 2002 ruling on Bakassi.

Also commenting on the decision of the Federal government not to appeal the ICJ ruling on Bakassi, Senator Benedict Ayade, PDP, Cross North noted that the issue was not yet over as diplomatic agreements could be reached by both countries.

‘’The green light has come today and it is clear that the federal government of Nigeria is not asking for the revision of the judgment of ICJ so what appears to me that is very obvious is that there is still a clause, Article 59 of the ICJ status made it specifically clear that the decisions of ICJ are not binding on the parties, thereby their judgments are advisory.

‘’It went further to say that being the fact that it is not obligatory, it is left to the parties to agree on the way forward. I believe that in relying on Article 59, this gives hope for us to go forward to say that a personal letter from the federal government of Nigeria to the government of Cameroon will say look, in line with that section 59 of ICJ which prescribes that any member to a party, dispute has the right, the freedom, the liberty to honour or not to honour the agreement.

‘The the green tree agreement has been violated, the Nigerians who are living in Bakassi were supposed to live there peacefully without intimidation or harassment, that has not been the case, there are reported cases of rapping of Nigeria women and so many atrocities.

Also contributing, Senator Domingo Obende, ACN, Edo North who noted that the federal government may have weighed its options before taking such a decision, said, ‘’Well I believe our position sometimes is not usually a true reflection of the law, but of a people whose feelings we equally represent. You will agree with me that the federal has to weigh the options before it hence, the setting up of a committee equipped with legal capacity good enough to make informed judgment on the issue.”

In his own comments, Senator Ehigie Uzamere, ACN, Edo South urged Nigerians to blame the former government of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for making the mistake as he exonerated President Goodluck Jonathan from blame.

‘’I think that the decision taken by the Federal Executive Council in line with the judgment of the International Court, we cannot isolate ourselves from it, there is an adage in Benin that says when an old woman carries a load on her head and the head is bent,


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