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My love story with my Japanese wife – Kennedy Nnaji

Chief Kennedy Fintan Nnaji is the Chief Executive Officer of NahfKenn Associates Plc, Japan. He is an ardent  football lover and a philanthropist. He was among the Nigerian citizens in Japan who did everything possible to support the Super Falconets in the just concluded 2012 FIFA U-20 Women’s World in Japan.  In this Interview with Hi Groove, Chief Nnaji let us in to his world. He talks about  his love for soccer, his Japanese wife and why he didn’t play professional football  and more.  Enjoy!


Growing up

My parents gave birth to nine children but one later died. Growing up was interesting especially coming from a strict home where both parents were teachers. Really, they gave us a very good start in life, a sound moral background, teaching and guiding me and my siblings in the right path. Their high moral integrity and discipline have been the defining principles in our lives.

Childhood memories
I have a lot of childhood memories but the one I can’t forget so easily  was   an incident that almost ruined my life as a child. It happened when my mother went to the market, leaving an instruction for my elder sister to give us food. Having given us food, she couldn’t put any meat in  my soup. She claimed that my mum did not  permit her to do so. After dishing the food to me, I realized there was no meat in it, I asked why she did not give me meat and she said my mother didn’t instruct  her to do so. I was so furious with her and poured the hot pot of soup on her. But thank God the soup was not hot enough to give her any serious burn that could disfigure  her. When my father came back and heard of the matter, he flogged me mercilessly and that was one experience I still remember up to this moment
Passion for football
My love for football started from my elementary school up to secondary level. Even when I came to Japan I never stopped loving the sport. Although, I should have been a professional star but my mother was against my playing soccer because she thought I would attain great heights playing soccer. Her fear was that I could sustain  injury thereby jeopardising  my career and future. But in spite of her objection, I continued with my passion for soccer. I have always loved football and will continue loving and supporting it in any capacity I can.

How often do you exercise?
I exercise regularly and do more of Jogging and running. Sometimes, I   go to the gym and I also do road-walk., it is part of me to keep fit and maintain my shape.

Daily Routine
To be honest with you, I wake very early at 6am and do road-work after which I come back and take my shower and eat my breakfast prepared by my Japanese wife. Then, I set out for the day.

Smoking and drinking
Because I have a strict family background where my both parents were teachers, smoking is something that has never appealed to me. For drinking, I am an occasional drinker.

Fashion and style
I like good and fitted clothes. I also try to fit in with the modern style or trend. Now, I am talking of both the Japanese fashion trend and the Nigeria fashion trend. But one thing I don’t do is to wear clothes that are not in my capacity or my age rather above my age. Mostly, I dress to fit my body structure because I love fashion a lot. I always like good and quality wears; shoes, suits, ties, perfumes etc. Because I believe looking good is good business.

Mood and dressing
I don’t allow my mood to dictate what I wear. Mostly, it is the occasion that determines what I wear and not my mood.

Me and Women
Even though  I  don’t fall in love so easily, I  still respect women a lot because they are powerful .I know I have a good body structure and women admire me a lot, but  then, I  treat them with respect.

Meeting my Japanese wife
To be honest, I don’t fall in love so easily because I take my time so as not to make mistakes. And when I say I love you it comes from the bottom of my heart.  Usually, In Japan, when you meet a woman; you would start by going to Coffee shop and other interesting places to thrill her. When I met my wife, then, I was coming out from the gym. I stopped her and she ran away and I pursued her. And when I got her,  I asked why she ran, she told me that she has never met a foreigner before. I told her never to worry.

Then, I got her number and before you know it, we started dating and the rest now is history as we have had three children, Two girls and a boy.

So, our marriage of 15 years have been wonderful and we have never had a problem even when the country wanted me to repatriate me on the grounds that I have overstayed my welcome, she stood her ground and maintained that I must stay. To be honest to you, she is a benefactor and not only a wife; she is not like other foreign women who would want to dominate the home and their husbands. She’s always submissive, in everything. And by his grace she is the Lolo of my town.

Do you still have thought of going back to Nigeria for an African wife?
For now, it is not in my agenda.

Allowing my children to marry Japanese
Of course, I would allow my daughters to marry whoever they want to marry, be it an Arab, an Afghanistan or Japanese. But all depends on whether the lady in question would also adapt to our African culture.

Best Meal/fruits
I don’t have a particularly meal but I eat good foods, both African dishes and Japanese dishes. I’m not the complaining type in terms of food. Give me any food and I assure you I would be okay even though it is my first time.  For fruits, I eat a lot of fruits like pawpaw, oranges and  apples.


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