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Jealous husband sets wife on fire for accepting wine from another man at party


Love is said to be the fire of life that neither consumes nor purifies; but for 35-year-old Janeth Odehgbe, hers was a different case as she has been set on fire by her husband following disagreement over her collecting a cup of wine from another man during a party they both attended.

Recounting her ordeal in the hand of her 39-year-old husband, Mr Kehinde Adesanmoye, Janeth told Crime Alert that on September 11, 2012 around 10 pm, her husband poured petrol on her as she was preparing Indomie noodles for a customer and fire caught her immediately.   She was nearly consumed by the fire but for passers-by that rescued her.

Janet’s backview showing the burns

She said, “I saw him coming towards me, as he got nearer, he ordered my customer to leave and as I tried to run for my dear life, he poured petrol on me and fire caught up with  me immediately. Passers-by rescued me and ran after him to fight him, but immediately they noticed it was him, they all went to their various homes. Then some of them took me to the Police station and from there I was taken to Peaceful Convalescent Center,  Alhaji Obe Street, Ejigbo Lagos.”

Janeth, who hails from Isoko area of Delta state and earns her living from selling cooked Indomie along Ikotun roundabout, claimed she was illegally married to Adesanmoye (popularly called Ogunlade) after divorcing her first husband.

Trouble was said to have started for the duo on September 8, 2012 when Adesanmoye and his wife went for a naming ceremony of a friend who stays beside their residence at 22, Olaoluwa Street, Abaranje, Ikotun.   “As we got to the party, my friends who were also present were hailing me, calling me ‘Indomie’, because I was known for selling Indomie. I was invited to sit on the chairs they have organized for friends. Adesanmoye was sitting right beside me.

“After some time, my friend, a vulcanizer, Taye offered me a bottle of wine, but I rejected it at the first instance because I was on my menstrual period and I don’t want to take anything alcoholic. But when the pressure from my friends was too much, pestering me to take the wine, I decided to take a cup.

Janet & Adesanmoye before trouble started

“Immediately Adesanmoye saw me finish the cup of wine, he got up and started going. I ran after him to ask what went wrong. To my surprise, he started abusing me and asking why do I have to collect a drink from a friend in a party while he was sitting right beside me, and why do I have to kiss a friend in the party too?” Janeth narrated in pains.

The Isoko woman, who noted that her husband (Adesanmoye) could kill her if she should say anything whenever he is angry, pointed out that she never said anything in response to her husband’s allegations.

“My husband has always been jealous. He used to beat me every time under any guise and excuse. I have tried several times to leave him but he always threatened to harm me. I stayed with him because I was afraid of him and my life. He always told me that I could never escape from him, except I leave Lagos State. Anytime I said I was leaving him, he would say, no problem, that he would do something to me that I will not forget. Now, see what he had done to me.

He wanted to kill me” she added.
An unconfirmed source intimated Crime Alert that Adesanmoye was later arrested and detained at the Ikotun Police station. His relatives were alleged to have called for amicable settlement, offering the victim a sum of N100, 000 (One hundred thousand), which the victim reportedly rejected.

She however called on the government to ensure that her husband paid for what he did to her, adding “am an orphan. I have no father or mother. I sell Indomie to live. Now, I’ve spent all my money. In fact, I need help.”


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