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Unless we pray, there won’t be election in 2015, foretell White Witches

By Anozie Egole
hief Okhue Iboi is the Spokesperson for the Community of Nigerian White Witches. The 53 years old native    of  Edo State is proud of his association. “I am a white witch whose duty is to repair and not to destroy”. He is known for benevolence magic and accurate prediction.

In this exclusive interview with Saturday Vanguard, “The Gifted One” unveils after the meeting of White Witches held  in Abuja last  Thursday “that witches, are trying their best to ensure that there is peace in the country and reveals that former president Ibrahim Babangida is not a terrorist. “He is the best president Nigeria has ever had.” He disclosed that the witches have concurred that the EFCC should investigate the Central Bank of Nigeria. He never failed to applaud president Jonathan for his steadfastness amid the security challenges in Nigeria. Excerpts

My story

My father. Chief Jonah Iboi, was a respected community leader, a farmer and  hunter. He went on hunting expedition with one of his friends. At a point, he heard the screaming of an animal in pain. He cocked his gun and pulled out his matchet to kill a deer he saw, but  to his amazement the deer was not held by a trap but was on the verge of giving birth.

Having allowed the deer to have its birth, a voice echoed from the animal that he should not touch it if he still wish to have his own children.

Chief Okhue Iboi

My father was not overly surprised about what he has seen and heard from the animal because of his knowledge of herbs enable him to understand the whole incident.

He, however, kept this bizarre experience to himself, until a month later when one of his five wives, Alice, being my mother became pregnant. Instead of the usual nine months, I spent 12 months in my mothers womb. When I was born in the 50s, I had leaves in my hands, which was a symbolic prelude to what I am renowned for today, as an herbalist, white witch.

As a white witch, where are the areas you specialize most?

I started from my childhood. I did not learn it but was a natural gift from birth. I also heal different types of sicknesses. I was asked to leave the primary school because, during those days, I do perform magic in the class and if a teacher is writing on the blackboard, instead of seeing what the woman is writing, I will be seeing different types of leaves there. I predicted in 1993 during the time of M.K.O. that he will win but will not be sworn in because of what he did to Awolowo.

I also predicted to IBB that because of what he did to MKO, he will not rule Nigeria again. I will not deny the fact that IBB is the best head of state Nigeria has ever had. I have predicted to so many people and it came to pass. Even in our other word, we praise him as the best head of state this country has ever had.

What is the difference between white witches and other ones?

White witches are the group that sees to the welfare of the people. We use our powers to heal people, predict what will happen in future and just for the good of the people. But people mis-understood us. They think we are the ones that kill people. It is only the black witches that can do that.

Like as we are thinking of the way to make the country good, the black witch can never think likewise. That is just the difference between the white and black witches. We also have international body where the whole witches in the whole world meets. We can meet anywhere anytime.

Recently, the Boko Haram sect made their demand that the president should resign for the deputy to take over and he should also change to Muslim for peace to reign, as a spokesman to Nigerian White Witches, what is your take on that?

Their demands can never be possible. To me, they are just joking. They know that it is quite impossible for Jonathan to comply to such demand. In our meeting in Abuja (Witches), we have seen it before other people that their demand cannot be possible. So, they should better stop disturbing themselves. We know that everything will soon settle. Peace will soon return to the country but it is just a matter of time.

You said that they will soon stop bombing, what do you think are the conditions for them to stop the bombing?

Yes, we have sent their leaders to talk to them. It will not be more than three months anymore the whole situation will return to normal. We the witches are trying our best to ensure that there is peace in the country. So we have sent messages across to Northern witches to talk to their people to give peace a chance.

State policing

I do not think there is any need for that. It will not bring solution to the problem. Most governors will use state police to victimise their opponents especially, during election period.

You know any law is made in this country, we the witches see that ahead of every other person. We know if it will work or not. I know that this state policing is a failed project. They will adopt the use of vigilante instead of the state policing.

Demolition of houses  in Abuja?

As you rightly said, yes we saw that. And we knew that it will not bring any problem in the country. People whose houses were affected will only complain after which, they will settle.

All the land are owned by government, so the government has the reserved right to ask people who did not comply with their requirements to leave whenever they want. We Nigerians are very stubborn. We Nigerians do not like doing what is right, we prefer the hard way.

Over dependence on oil

I strongly do not agree with this Nigerian idea of putting all their trust in oil as the only source of livelihood. There are some other countries that do not have oil but they still survive better than us. So I do not see any reason why a reduction in oil price in Europe will be affecting us here in Nigeria.

We should find other thing to develop as a source of living instead of believing solely in oil. The funniest part of the whole thing is that this oil money is circulating in the hands of few Nigerians while others are suffering.

Impeachment saga ?

Yes, we have had a meeting of the National Conference of Nigerian White Witches in Abuja about that issue and we have seen that it cannot work. They cannot impeach the president.

Privatization of PHCN?

That is a very wonderful idea. The best way I believe to tackle the problem of power failure is if the PHCN is privatized. If this happens, there will be competition in the sector just like what is happening in the telecommunication industry. There are different companies who are ready to render the services properly at a very cheaper rate.

So, everybody is struggling to meet up in order not to lose its customers. With this PHCN privatization, you can comfortably choose which company to use and in a situation where any of the companies fail in its service delivery, you conveniently, change to another company. A huge amount of money has been pumped into this sector which suppose to make it work perfectly well starting from the Obasanjo administration.

But we do not know where all these money are being directed at. Some individuals will sit in their houses and embezzle the money meant for the good of the nation. In fact, this is a very wonderful idea by the government. We applauded the idea when we heard it.


The witches want the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to investigate the Central Bank of Nigeria. That is one institution that many people have not look into. The governor, Mr. Sanusi is a good man but the people that are working with him are not sincere, so they should be investigated, because we have seen it from our world.

What do the witches foresee in 2015 general elections?

In that year, Nigerians need to pray as they have never prayed before because, from what we see at night during our meetings, there will be war. All the religions in the country should pray. Christians, Muslims and traditional worshippers should pray whether there will be election that year.

The Northerners are saying that they are cheating them that they supposed to produce the head of state, likewise the Easterners and other parts of the country. This will create problem. And if Nigerians cannot pray, there will be  no election.

IBB Vs Clark

I want to tell you the truth; IBB has no hand in Boko Haram. He with other Imans are praying seriously for the good of this country. I do not see any reason why somebody will be suspecting him. He is innocent.

Chances of Jonathan on second tenure

It will be very hard. Jonathan going for the second tenure will be very hard for him. Because, there will be a very big problem. Though he is a very nice man but since he is not a military man, his chances are not bright.

What are the strategies the witches put on ground to avert these problems you are saying?

Yes, we are trying our best to see that there is no problem in the country because, if problem starts, it is the poor masses that will suffer. The rich will fly away with their families. In our meeting last Thursday in Abuja, we have agree to come together to form a strong formidable force to be able to hold the country together for good.

Calls for National Confab

Then we agreed that the president should call all the ex-presidents both during the military and civilian and solicit for their support to enable him do his duty very well. He should call them irrespective of their political affiliation. So that everybody will say what he/she thinks about the problem in the country?

The national conference should include representative from the six geopolitical zones and different age groups should also be represented. Then, they will put heads together for the good of the country.


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