By Tony Ubani

I got a strange request the other day. After my piece on the stunning beauties of Brazilian girls at the London 2012 Olympics, I have been inundated with messages. Some good. Some bad. Some ugly. Some funny.

One of my fans( ofcourse, a lady) wants me to buy her a Brazilian hair. I laughed at first and decided to ask for Brazilian hair at the imposing Westfield Mall here in Stratford, London. The price is outrageous and depends on the quality.

The real Brazilian hair for discerning ladies who expect heads to turn when they wear the long-lasting gorgeous hair that does not tangle range from £500 to £200 and £50 pounds. A quick calculation with exchange rate of Naira to Pounds at N250 to £1 means that to buy the real Brazilian hair, one needs to cough out N125,000 only.

To buy hair? And how long would it be worn? Eternity? I know that a lot of Nigerian ladies wear the Brazilian hair, but I have not noticed the difference. If you buy hair for that much how much will a Brazilian lady cost if she is to be married?.

I know that fashion aficionados would brush me aside as a novice. I thank God my wife does not wear Cotonou hair or Ghanaian hair not to talk of Brazilian hair.

Anyway, I am made to understand that most of the stunning beauties that I admire wear Brazilian hair. Its so natural and its texture blends perfectly with their natural hair type and skin tone.

The hair comes in various types of style including straight virgin brazilian hair, brazilian body waves and curly brazilian hair.

The virgin brazilian hair and machine weft  comes in packs of that weight between 90 – 105 grams that are ideal for weaves and extensions.

All brazilian hairs  are smooth, silky, thick hair full of volume and will be perfect to provide you with that WILD FACTOR that excites men and bring out the real men in them.

I am going to stare more on the Brazilian beauties and ask if their hairs are natural. It will be a big flourishing business to marry a Brazilian and get the type of locks that women are desirous of having.


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