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August 18, 2012

Hollywood, Nollywood and Ghollywood unite for Mystery Beads

Nollywood is about to witness a true revolution as a London trained Nigerian PR specialist, Egor Efiok, has unveiled a stellar cast for the shooting of her much talked about  3D movie, “Mystery Beads.

The actors who are due to hit location before the end of the month include, Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah, Hollywood actor, Emeka Amene (NCSI, Angel), Anthony Monjaro (pilot in Last Flight to Abuja), 2010 Gulder Ultimate Search first runner up, Julian Nnadi.

Other stars are Ime Bishop Umo, Davies Bassey, Joseph Akahome, Frederick Leonard, Solomon Akiyesi, G-lory (singer), Ani Iyoho, Chelsea Eze, Shedrach Nwora, Belinda Effah, Captain Cassie Idagbo, Eric Anderson, Sammy Young, and Ani Iyoho.

movie with a deep storyline and twist. It could come across to a person as an epic but has a beautiful mix or use of modern technology in it.

Efiok said the film, which story is based on the legendary Calabar dreaded sea goddess, Adidi Ata Ebua, tells a story of a string of spiritual beads stolen from the museum and given out to different people all of who escape its wrath until it gets to the last person, who unknowingly fancied and decide to keep it.