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Gynaecologist warns women to stop douching

Abuja –  Dr Prosper Igboeli,  an Abuja based  gynaecologist, on Monday advised women not to douche as it could lead to vaginal dryness and could also kill “the good bacteria in the vaginal area”.

Igboeli, who is the Managing Director of M and M Hospital, Fertility and IVF Centre said  in Abuja  that vagina had a unique smell and it was not something that should be cleaned off.

“Douching refers to the rinsing of any body cavity but usually applies to vaginal irrigation or rinsing of the vagina.

“Vaginal douches may consist of water mixed with vinegar, or even antiseptic chemicals, vagina has a unique smell and it is not something that should be cleaned off.”

He said commercial douches have alcohol and that the alcohol were substances that dried the skin,  noting that when done often would end up with a dry itchy vagina.

Igboeli said the vagina was mainly acidic, saying that douching clears off the natural solutions that kept it acidic.

“Imbalance in the vaginal area will lead to a lot of complications like dryness, infections, vaginal inflammations and pain on the skin.”

He said the vagina was not a stereo environment that by its exposures to air acquired self cleaning.

Igboeli  said  much anti biotic would kill off the bacterial that were supposed to stabilise the floral of the vagina causing yeast infection.

“The antibiotic may go and kill off the bacterial that suppose to stabilise the floral of the vagina then there would be any over growth of yeast.” says recently, vaginal douching has been associated with many health risks in women.

It added that the aim of this study was to analyse the effect of commercial douche products against various vaginal microorganisms, including lactobacill.

Four antiseptic-containing douche products showed a strong inhibitory effect against all vaginal microorganisms tested with a short contact time (less than 1 min).

Three vinegar-containing douche products selectively inhibited vaginal pathogens associated with bacterial vaginosis, group B streptococcal vaginitis, and candidiasis, but not lactobacilli.

The antimicrobial effects of the commercial douche products varied among different brands and microbial species tested. (NAN)


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