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Acting comes with a lot of challenges – Elvis Chucks


Elvis Chucks is indeed a seasoned actor who knows his onion. He started acting from a tender age of three and he isn’t about to stop any time soon. In this interview with FLORENCE AMAGIYA, he talks about his film and television production company, his latest movie that is being premiered in the cinemas and life growing up.


What has life taught you?

Life taught me diligence and uprightness. Life has taught me to give my best to get the best out of everything l do.

What prepared you for what you are today?

I cannot say I was really prepared because I grew up acting; I started acting quite early in life. I didn’t act because of the money or the fame. I was only doing it because l loved and was enjoying the art. I was only a child when it all began. But l had to work on my arts.  When my parents found out that l was all for the screen as against their plans for me to read medicine. I went back to school to become what l am today. I studied film and television production abroad in South Africa, City Varsity film and television school, Cape Town, South Africa.

We have being seeing your face for more than a decade now, when and how did you become an actor?

I became an actor as early as three years old and I started with productions like ‘Tales by moonlight’ and the others. I am over a decade in the industry. l cannot say l set out to become an actor because l was pretty young when l started, but as l grew up acting, l eventually fell in love with it. My parents actually wanted me to study medicine, but they dropped the idea when they noticed l love doing what l was doing.

We do not always see your face on TV, why?

I do not have to take all the scripts given to me to prove that l can act. A good actor can do a few movies and still make his or her mark. I was with RMD the other day on a set when he talked about the movies he has featured on. According to him, he has featured in about fifteen movies, but that didn’t stop him from making his mark in the movie world.

I haven’t done much movies, but the few movies l have featured in are timeless. My episode in Super story was shot in 2001-2002, yet l still get recognized till date. It is not about the quantity, but the quality of your work.

What if you are opportune to become a motivational speaker, what would your advice be?

Elvis Chucks

I would advise my audience to stay focus and believe in themselves. No matter who you are or what you become in life, your believe system is what propels the change to become an outstanding person or not.

Where you born with a silver spoon?

I was born into an average home. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon.

Did you start off your career with TV series before the big screen?

I started with all the kinds of movies!  I have being in a lot in TV series, but l have also done seasoned movies. I have done movies on Mnet; I did some in South Africa. I also modeled too.

What inspired the soap ‘Secret and Scandal’?

Secrets and scandals was inspired by our everyday life. We keep secrets and when they are told; they become scandals and all that. Secret and scandal is what is happening everyday around us.

What inspired your advocacy movies?

I do not always do advocacy movies. But l have done some. I once wrote a script and l was opportune to visit the Takwa bay, a beach in Lagos state. I ran into a little child who was running towards the beach without any form of clothing on his body. I looked around and l didn’t even see any seen of a parent and l wondered at the abuse. My cousin called my attention to it and l remembered that script. I showed the script to Joke Silver and she was so touched by the situation. That script brought about Victims in the Society.

What are the challenges on the job?

Yes there has being challenges, but everything in life has its own challenge. You are on set recording and there is a problem with your equipment and you lose everything you have recorded while you don’t have a back up! That’s a challenge. There are always challenges, but the beauty of it all is when you manage to save or rescue your products and when you eventually see the end results on TV, then you forget all the stress of production.

Your fans, how do they react to you?

It is indeed wonderful when you are recognized by people who love you and your products.  I get speechless when l am appreciated by my fans. It makes you feel that someone out there acknowledges your input and it is a worthwhile feeling.

What do you do when you are not in front of the camera acting?

I have established a company called Diamond Groove Pictures. It is a motion picture production company. We do TV commercials, television production, press media advertisement and cinema movies. We own production like award winning ‘Happy family’ on NTA network, secrets and scandals on STV and others too numerous to mention. We have been a strong content provider to Mnet and Africast Television in USA.

You have a movie about to be premiered, tell us about it

The movie title is ‘A wish’. It is a comedy movie that gives insight about cancer and early detection as a remedy to save lives.

Cancer is not comical why is it a comedy movie?

Yes, cancer is not comical, but the way the movie was acted and directed. It through light into the sickness known as cancer, the way the victim of cancer detected cancer in the first place, how she was treated and the whole package of the movie is indeed comical.

What is relaxation for you?

It has not being easy because of time and work schedule, but l have managed somehow. When l can, l swim and l visit the gym. They are my form of exercise and that way l relax.  But when l am chanced, l travel abroad for a holiday.

How have you coped with the women fans?

They come with the job, but if you are focus and responsible, it would save you a lot of stress and untold problems in your life.

Your relationship, if any?

I am not married yet, but l am in a serious, healthy relationship. I would tie the knot soon.



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