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Women and beauty: artificial butts, hips flood market

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When it comes to fashion and beauty, women would stop at nothing to see that they keep in vogue. And since many young girls and women succumb to the pressure of trying to maintain an image and reach an unattainable standard of beauty , the craze for more artificial things to stand as beauty fillers  became necessary.

For many young women , having a big butt is synonymous with being overweight and being unattractive. But things have changed; curves are being embraced and celebrated. Surely, women with natural big butts, hips and breasts are happier as they can now fit into mass media’s definition of beauty. But no matter how much society’s standards of beauty widen, there would always be those who in spite of everything do not measure up.

Surprisingly, the craze for fake butts and hips is not limited to African ladies alone. Studies have shown that non-African women now want what black women have been self-conscious of and ridiculed about for centuries. But looking through history, black women with larger hips, thighs and bottoms have been symbols of hyper-sexuality and denigration. But now, it has become an essential part of beauty, coveted amongst women of every race.

The acceptance of big butts and hips in this age began with the Western mainstream success of Beyonce and her single, “Bootylicious”. Other celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian also made large bottoms a beauty asset wanted by all and sundry.

It is similar to the lip injection phenomenon. Again, according to history, black men and women have been criticized and ostracized because of their full lips. And suddenly, it became in vogue for women to inject their lips, breasts, hips, butts and other parts with various substances in order to obtain sexier bodies.

A dealer holding artificial butt

But since the discovery of dangers inherent in plastic surgery, pills and injections for beauty sake, producers of fashion items have now invented a way out for those women who desire larger bottoms and hips with the production of fake hips and butts which have now flooded the market. These artificial butts and hips are believed to create an impression of sexiness just like padded bras create an impression of fuller breasts.

A viable case of butt surgery gone viral is that of Oneal Ron Morris, a 30-year-old transgender woman in South Florida. Oneal was responsible for performing illegal butt implants in women using dangerous substances like cement and Fix-a-Flat tire sealant.

Morris was arrested after posing as a doctor and providing cheap surgery to women who wanted more body. A woman(name withheld) who fell victim of Oneal’s fake surgery was too embarrassed to tell the doctors what she had done as she continued to go to the hospital with flu-like symptoms and infected sores. According to the woman, she was referred to Oneal by a friend and paid $700 in 2010 for the operation.

Many people would assume that when it comes to such sensitive body parts like the hips or butts, you either have them or you don’t. But now, production of fake but incredible bottom and hips is a big business. Women are now flocking beauty shops to purchase what you can only call artificial hips and butts because the new fashion belief in town is: if God hasn’t blessed you with natural hips and butt, just buy one.

Artificial hips and butts come as skin-like pads which can be worn underneath any dress or trouser. According to findings, these latest hips and butts are supposed to give that perfect curve much desired by the wearer. They again add flesh and muscles at the right places and give an impression of a perfect body. They come in different sizes; can be worne and removed at will. Also, they fit  perfectly on the user that one cannot actually tell whether she’s got a fake butt or hips or not.

Speaking with women on how much fake things, especially fake butts and hips have crept into the society, one Mr. Olaitan Justice expressed his disdain, saying “I feel bad about it and it doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. Why would a woman not be  content with what God has blessed her with? The idea of wearing fake butts and hips doesn’t sound nice to me. In fact, if I discover such on my fiancee, I will definitely put  our wedding arrangement on hold.”

Although Miss Linda doesn’t think it’s wise to wear fake butts and hips, she admits that the society doesn’t have a choice since every woman wants to look good and improve the security of her body. “I’m not trying to support the use of fake body parts by women but that’s what the society has turned us into. Most men love beautiful women so, every woman wants to look good at all cost. I guess the society doesn’t have a choice than to cope with this development.”

Ben Okoro thinks “everybody should be proud of who they are and how God has created them” hence, he sees no need for an extra butt or hips.

Sociologists say the craze for artificial hips and butts may be traced to something very African. According to them, since an average African man focuses more on the body of a woman , majority of women are now desperate to draw more attention to their hips, butts and breasts respectively.

Even though most people have expressed much concern  about  fake butts and hips, Grace, a Lagos dealer in these items thinks otherwise. According to her, “instead of swallowing enhancement pills like Yodi, Lichi, Botcho or taking injections which may be dangerous , it would be safer to buy artificial hips, butts and padded braziers”. She said it posses no danger as the wearer has to just wash and then wear them any time, any day.

To prove the viability of these fake butts and hips in the market, Grace said  that since the products  flooded the market, sellers in Lagos have been smiling to the banks.

However, religious leaders have condemned the act in all its totality. According to Pastor Emmanuel Chibike and Gloria Odebiyi, it’s another way through which the devil tend to draw more people into his kingdom. Pastor Gloria thinks “the idea of wearing  fake butts and hips as a woman is  too extreme. Can’t women just be moderate in their dressing and beautification!?” she wondered.

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