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Cremation it is against our culture – Nigerians

By Anozie Egole
Nigerians from different walks of life have reacted to the plan by Lagos State Government to legalize voluntary cremation of abandoned corpses in the state.

This particular bill has raised uproar in the state as people  are arguing that it is a sin against God and humanity. Lagosians have tried to assess it from  the religion perspective and found out that there is no place in the two major religion where such a thing was legalized.

It is not a good idea – Obafemi Tosin  

I think it is not a good idea. Let us consider our culture in this part of the world, it is strictly against our culture to burn corpses.

Obafemi Tosin

So, it is not good. They should not even think of legalizing the bill. I would suggest that government should be organizing mass burial for corpses if the owners fail to claim them instead of burning the bodies.

This is not India where they cremate corpses and we cannot bring Indian culture here. We are different people. Another alternative should be sought for instead of burning the bodies.

I am strongly against it – Chidiebere Eze          

I am strongly against that. I believe that as far as living things deserves respect, dead bodies also deserve to be treated with respect. So the government should stop the bill for it will not be of any good to the country. It is not in our culture and is also against our tradition to burn dead bodies. Even if there is no other space to bury them, at least, they should be given a mass burial maybe by the Local or State government and not burning them.

They should be treated with respect. Government should reconsider their decision, it is against nature itself we should not emulate the Indians in that aspect. I suggest a mass burial for them because, it shows more respect.

They should go for a mass burialEmmanuel Ezenwata

Emmanuel Ezenwata

If the families of the deceaced fail to claim their the bodies, government should go for a mass burial instead of burning the dead bodies.

It is not in our own tradition to burn dead bodies and as a Christian, I don’t think there is a place in the holy Bible where it supports cremation. So, I don’t like it and I do not support that.

They should do something else and not cremation—-Prince Okere

There are several laws to make for the good of the people aside cremating dead bodies. The government should find other good things that will be of good to the state not talking about cremation. It is not the right thing at this time when there are cases of insecurity everywhere.

They should know that it is a living body that will one day turn to a dead body. I am not saying that they are the same thing but I believe that in as much as the body is dead, it still demand some respect and it should be accorded to it. They should please for the sake of God and humanity, forget about that bill. Let them legislate on how to mend our roads to prevent accidents.

I am not in support of It Ejike Enwerem

I’m strictly not in support of cremating corpses. It is a wish people do make when they want to die that they should be cremated and not government trying to pass it into law.


This type of thing is normally found in foreign countries and not in this part of the world. For somebody who did not make this wish when he/she was alive for you to do it to the body when the person is dead is not good.

Talking from the Biblical perspective, as a Christian, this act has no support in the Bible. I have not seen where it is written in the Bible told us the dead bodies should be burnt and not buried. So, following this angle, you will see with me that it is ungodly and it is not good. What the Bible tells us is that when a man dies, we dig a hole and bury the person and not burning the body.

I have only heard about this as a wish from the famous American pop musician 2Pac. He said that when he dies, his remains should not be buried but should be burnt and the ashes be given to his fans for them to smoke it. That is the only justification to that act.

Aside that, I don’t think it is good and I’m not in support of it. Even at that, it is against the Bible but that was his wish and supposed to be upheld. If the Lagos State Government wants to introduce that system as a way of burial, that means they want to introduce foreign culture into the land.

Government should intensify campaign and enlightement programme to members of the public of the dangers of

Ade Ogunbayo

abandoning corpes in hospital after one week period. I think that will be better than  burning the remains of the deceased.

It is alien to our cultureAde Ogunbayo  

As far as I’m concerned, cremation is foreign to the culture of our people. It means we are borrowing another people’s culture into our own. That will not lead us to any where better. I pray that they do not introduce it.  Because if this bill is passed into law, it will get to a situation where the two major religious bodies will start reacting in different ways.

So as a Yoruba man, from the South-western part of the country though will have differences in tradition and culture. Even as a Christian, it is wrong to do that. As it is said in our culture, that the dead should be honored. So we should give them that honour to rest in peace by giving them a befitting burial.


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