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Brace up: Brazil Babes are Brave and Beautiful

Flicks: By Tony Ubani in London
It is not always all the time that ladies pay compliments to others in terms of beauty. Tell a lady that a girl is beautiful and you get such nasty response as ‘and so?’

But out here at the magnificent Olympic Games, there are tons of stunning beautiful ladies whose movements turn heads and make temperatures soar. Yeah! They are exceptionally beautiful that a lady shouted; ‘’look at those beautiful Brazilian girls! They are beautiful. Oh, my God!”.

The tall, curvy beauties from Brazil don’t bra-g and those of them who wear braids look like goddesses. They are bra-iny and love encouraging themselves by saying bravo!

The Bra-zilians are undeniably beautiful and love wearing bras on beaches where they hate to bra-wl.

Hardly can the Brazilians walk past you without men and women turning around to appreciate the good work of nature. Like they say in Nigeria, God must have created them on Monday after a well deserved rest at the weekend.

Autographs! What for?

Dele Ojo is one of the crack photo-journalists that Nigeria can boast of. Beside clicking at objects, he also has an uncanny sense of humour. Dele is among the World photographers  covering the London 2012 Olympics. I ran into Dele at the MPC, the other day.

The crowd had gathered from the west end of Westlife to get autographs from both the famous and yet to be famous sports stars. The traffic was terrible and reminds one of the traffic in Lagos when it rains. Dele and I maneuvered the crowd, most times embracing them.

Suddenly, French Basketball players appeared and the crowd swarmed on them for autographs and pictures. It was a scene with some crying. Dele used his camera to pick pictures and asked me, ‘’Chair, what is this? What are they going to do with the autographs? Na money?”. I laughed knowing that those things don’t mean anything to Nigerians.

While I was recovering from the bout of that laughter, Dele threw another one staggering me into hysterics. ‘’I don’t understand these security people o.

They almost stripped me naked. I removed everything and they insisted that I must remove my belt. When I pulled it out, my trouser raced down. I battled to pull-up my trouser”, he said in amazement.


Two phones, two ears, one mouth

I do pity Emmanuel Nweri. Nweri is the Admin Manager of the Nigeria Olympic Committee. At one stage in the life of NOC, Nweri was referred to as the brain box of the Nigerian Olympics.

He has facts and details at his finger tips. He is an astute administrator. Getting official information from Nweri is like trying to squeeze water out from stone. But he is a workaholic. I ran into Nweri the other answering a call from one of his bosses.

Suddenly, another of his phone rang from yet another boss and confusion set in. Apparently not to attract the wrath of his Ogas, Emma assigned the two phones to two of his ears. He has one mouth. Some athletes laughed away as Nweri struggled to keep the pace.

Grilled corn on the cob

We went out to eat the other day after running into gridlock with eating a cocktail of dishes that are not Nigerian. There are many Nigerians in London but the schedule of events makes it pretty difficult to comb around town. It was after hunger weighed us down that we decided to eat.

On offer at the menu was Grilled corn on the cob. Forget the grilled whatever. Corn. Same old corn in Nigeria. Indeed nutritious.

But what well people say when they hear that one came to London to eat corn? It made me remember one Nigerian Chief who came to London and was offered hot dog to eat. He repeatedly asked them what the name was and the said it’s Hot Dog.

He sighed angrily, stepped back and drew his son by the ear saying; ‘’I am a High Chief from Nigeria. I cannot because I am in London eat dog whether hot or cold”. All attempts to explain and persuade him fell on a big rock. ‘’It’s an abomination. Me, Chief to eat Dog?

There is a story of another red-cap chief who refused to remove his cap to enter a restaurant in London.  ‘’Does it mean that these people don’t respect tradition and title? I cannot remove my cap. But when the weather turned against him outside and he perceived the aroma, he quickly changed gear.


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