By Ebele Orakpo

Like joke, the Boko Haram menace has taken an international colouration as no one is safe anymore, not even those who started the movement and were financing it,” observed Okey as the CMS-bound commuter bus waded its way through the early morning traffic.

“How do you mean,” Paul, another commuter asked.

Replied Okey: “Have you not noticed the daring nature of the attacks recently? Without a doubt, some outsiders who have been waiting and praying for the disintegration of Nigeria have cashed in on the situation and are funding these people to destroy the nation. They have discovered that each time the group struck, government is a bit confused; so they have started supporting the group with huge funds.”

“Of course, he who pays the piper dictates the tune. So if they are giving them huge sums of money to do their bidding, they will do it. After all, money answers all things,” said Mark.

Commented Kate: “The initial financiers seem to be no match for the new financiers. So the one with more money carries the day. If na you nko? You will definitely go for the higher pay. Abi, who no like better thing?”

“It’s so sad. How can people be so unpatriotic? Willing to sell their conscience and their people for peanuts?” queried Obi to which Iyke replied:

“Ah, it’s no peanuts ooo. We are talking of billions of dollars.”

“Ok, so if an outsider pays you billions of dollars to wipe out your entire family, will you do so?” asked Obi.

To which Iyke replied: “I will not. I will collect the money and save my family. But the truth is that Nigerians do not see themselves as a family.”

“We must realise that Nigeria is highly blessed and only Nigerians are not seeing that. Outsiders have seen it and will do everything in their power to overthrow this nation and we are inadvertently aiding them to achieve their aim,” said Jide.

“You see, before you judge another person’s action or inaction, try and see all sides of the problem. When President Jonathan went to Brazil for the Earth Summit, some people cried blue murder. But come to think of it, why wouldn’t the man go for a summit that he had indicated interest in going long before now?” asked Ben.

“He should have cancelled the trip. For God’s sake, his country was burning and he was going for Earth Summit, no be even better summit,” said Rose.

“If the country was burning nko? Na today Nigeria begin burn? Na the man be fire service?” replied Nike sarcastically.

“Yeah, to you, the summit may be unimportant because you do not know what it is all about, what it means to preserve the earth. You will understand when tsunami and earthquakes happen in Nigeria; when your crops fail and hunger stares you and your children in the face,” said Ben.

“What contribution did he make at the summit? He was just there as an observer. So as far as I am concerned, he would have been more useful at home,” insisted Rose.

“More useful doing what? Fighting Boko Haram? There are people in charge of that,” noted Ben, adding: “Think of it this way, if for every attack of the terrorist group, the President sits at home, then the nation will be grounded because the attacks are constant”. Almost on daily basis, we hear of one attack or the other.

I think he did the best thing by not cancelling the trip because if he had done so, the international community would have interpreted it to mean that Nigeria is not safe at all. Meanwhile, it is only some states in Nigeria that are unsafe so investors can come and invest in areas that are safe.”

“I think there is wisdom in what you just said,” noted Toby in reference to Ben’s statement.


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