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Bakare to Jonathan: Resign now


IKEJA—CONVENER of Save Nigeria Group, SNG, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to heed the voice of wisdom and resign now, before the House of Representatives carries out its threat to impeach him over alleged selective implementation of the 2012 budget.

He predicted that there would be no general election in 2015, adding that election would hold before then or sooner.
Bakare said this, yesterday in Lagos, in a state of the nation address, entitled: “How To Change Government Peacefully And Make Society Better,” at Latter Rain Assembly, Ogba, Ikeja.

Bakare said: “If I were Mr. President, unfortunately, I am not, and I do not envy his tottering position, but, if I were him,  I would give no thought to what the world might say of me, or the drum the hangers-on and political jobbers benefitting from the present chaotic disorder might be beating.

“I would not  give a damn  if I could only transmit to posterity the reputation of an honest man thrust into the boxing ring to fight enemies I am ill- equipped to fight, and I would, therefore, resign before I receive a death blow.”

Bakare, also the Serving Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, noted that “even for a seasoned, well-cooked and well- equipped UK prime minister like Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady, the moment the people rose against her policy, she did the honourable and noble thing. She resigned and returned to the parliament before retiring from politics.”

While enjoining the president to resign, he stated that “resignation is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of patriotic truthfulness. It is giving opportunity to those who can do a better job in the interest of the nation to carry on with nation-building where the exiting leader stops.”

He, however, said the state of the nation calls for a change of guards, noting that the Federal Government had failed to see the linkage between corruption and violence.

He said: “Undoubtedly,  the catalogue of scandalous mismanagement of national resources, the unbridled stealing of public funds, and the bewildering exposure of the level of corruption in almost every arm of government as well as governmental agencies and parastatals, call for a change of guards `more so when the president has openly admitted that the security situation in the country has changed his pre-election agenda.

”And, in spite of the president’s promises to deal with insecurity head-on, this government appears helpless because it cannot see the linkage between corruption and violence.

“This is no time for false accusations and counter-accusations. Mr. President may be doing his best, but the impact is not felt anywhere except in the bank accounts of oil vultures, his corrupt political allies and corporate cowboys.

“We have a patriotic duty to educate our people and we will continue to do that until light replaces the darkness in foggy minds, since education is considered a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army, in the words of Henry Peter Brougham.”


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