MANAGING Director, Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency, LASAA, Mr George Noah, has flagged off the comprehensive house numbering project in the state, with the assurance that his agency is expected to number about 1,194,525 houses.

The state is believed to be housing over 17 million population estimate release by the Lagos State Geographic Information System, GIS.

The LASAA team led by Noah, kick-started the project at Akerele Street, Surulere Local Government area of the state with the aim of making Lagos State businesses and residential buildings  easily identifiable. The scheme is also designed to provide a more secure environment within the state and increase the quality of life of all citizens.

According to the managing director, every house and office in the state will be numbered as much as they are statutorily recognised by the state, adding: “Every dwelling in the state will be numbered. So long it is within the official statute of Lagos, it will be numbered.” He stated further that the project of numbering Lagos houses and offices is very essential as to ensure that businesses and homes are easily assessed.

Lagos State  house numbering project: Frequently Asked Questions

What is this House Numbering Project all about?

House numbering entails the allocation of a unique number to each building, tenement or compound along a street, road or occupied area, with the intention of making it easier to locate particular structures or tenements.

Why are you changing my house number?

Our purpose is not to change your house number; our purpose is to implement a system where all structures will be assigned a permanent house number to ensure orderliness, especially in properties occupying two or more boundaries.

Who will issue the house number plaque?

The State Government is implementing a programme that will follow global standards in issuing the correct house number.

Will I have to pay for the number plaque or will it be free?

The State Government is paying for this first installation of house number plaques.

What is the size of this house number plaque?

The number plaque is of reflective sheet engineering grade, measuring 254 x 254 mm with 3mm thickness, which will be installed with anodized bolts.

What will the house number plaque look like?

The House Number Plaques will have the street name and the number for each house on the named street as well as the crest of the Lagos State Government and the inscription; “Property of Lagos State Government”.

Where will this house number plaque be placed?

It will be displayed on the fence, outer pillar or wall of the qualifying structure in such a way as to make it clearly visible from the road or street and this shall not be lower than four feet or higher than six feet from the ground level.

What will happen to my old house number if my house number changes?

The property owner shall remove all old numbers, inscriptions or plaque within a period of three hundred and sixty five (365 days) after the installation of a new plaque.

When will this exercise get to my area?

We are starting with Surulere Local Government but will gradually work our way round all the Local Government Areas within the State during the course of the exercise.

Who will notify my bank/school etc. of my new house number where my house number changes?

It’s everyone’s responsibility to notify interested parties with his/her new house number; however, LASAA will notify the major Government Agencies and other major interested parties.

What if I do not want my house number to change?

Our purpose is not to change your house number; we will at all times try to keep the same number if at all and where possible. We are trying to create a uniform and orderly house numbering system, which will elevate the status of our State in the global marketplace.

What are the benefits to numbering my house?

.Provision of a convenient, accurate and systematic means of property identification for owners, residents and visitors.

.Facilitation of emergency response by fire, police, rescue and other emergency services.

.Establishment of property identification that will serve as mail delivery addresses.


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