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Kaduna bomb violence: Residents recant the experience of the evil day

By Luka Binniyat
The three bomb explosions that hit two Churches in Zaria and another in Kaduna last Sunday, leading to the death of 17 persons and injuries to at least 90 others have been long expected several times in Kaduna State in the past.

That by implication meant that the spiralling violence that ensued had only been deferred, as last Sunday marked the successful detonation of a bomb in a Church in Kaduna state.

One of the Churches hit by suicide bombers in Kaduna


On  January 8th this year, a Hilux car forced its way into the premises of the Living Church, Barnawa. When the vehicle was  about to be subjected to a search, the man drove away but the vehicle and the bomb were later arrested.

Then last Easter Sunday, the sanctity of the holy  day  was  defiled  as a car with a lone occupant exploded by the busy Sardauna Crescent Junction, Kaduna,  killing not less than 20 people on the spot and making mince meat of the bomber. Sixteen people  later died after less than two hours at various hospitals they were rushed to in Kaduna.

Five minutes earlier, the car  had approached the 1st ECWA Goodnews, on Gwari Road close to the scene of the incident, but the desperate move  by the driver to force his way through a blockade was frustrated by the Police, according to information made available to the press.

Most of the victims were Hausa Muslims, artisans, petty traders  and commercial motorcycle riders though a small number of Christians were affected.

That Easter Sunday mayhem which was averted was however effected last Sunday and Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for the bombings.

Below is a summary of the grim incidences of bombs  since the violence began  April last year after the presidential election result was announced .

April 8th 2011

Police uncover massive bombing plots in Kaduna after bomb kills one

On this day, three hours after the Kaduna State Police Command  said it was aware of plans for massive violence to disrupt the presidential polls, a bomb exploded in Mahuta, a dusty, rusty overcrowded  suburb, killing the handler and maiming one Mohammed, a suspected accomplice  who was rushed to St. Gerald Hospital Kaduna under police cover.

The police said it  found over 100 strands of dynamites loaded in three sacks in the home of the arrested bomber.

17th April 2011

Police arrest four foreigners after two bomb blasts. 

The Kaduna State Police Command this day paraded four arrested foreigners and a suspected Nigerian accomplice after two bombs exploded  the previous night  at an interval of two hours,  injuring eight and destroying some structures. According to the then Kaduna State Police Commissioner, Mr. John Haruna (now deceased),  the second explosion which took place near the high profile public  gathering place around 10:30 pm that night at  Magajin Gari Sharia Court, was a powerful bomb that could have killed hundreds if it had been detonated at a busy hour.

22 April 2011

Bomb-making factory uncovered after blast kills one.

The Kaduna state Police Command on this day took newsmen to a bomb- making shop it had  uncovered  at the Rafin Guza area of Kaduna metropolis. The Police also displayed recovered arms from the shop. Late  Haruna John had  said eight persons were arrested, three of whom were critically injured during the blast which occurred at about 6.00pm the previous day.

June 11th, 2011

Police find bomb at Gonin Gora market

Police Anti Bomb Disposal Squad on this day discovered and detonated a live bomb in a market place in Gonin Gora area of  Kaduna metropolis at about 11 am.

Kaduna state Police Spokesperson, DSP Aminu Lawan said, “it is an explosive object discovered by the people and they quickly alerted us and we were able to move to the scene, recovered and defused the object immediately”.

June 13th, 2011

Bomb found at NNPC quarters

The Police  on this day recovered an explosive leading into the NNPC staff quarters at Narayi, Kaduna.

“Our men were alerted about the presence of an explosive around 4am by the security man”, said Kaduna State Police Command spokesman, DSP Amuni Lawal.

“We quickly mobilised our team and decommissioned the bomb. We are investigating the matter”, he said.

14th June 2011

Strategically placed bomb found near school.

On this day, a bomb, strategically placed under a bridge near a high profile private secondary school which, if exploded, could have cut off  Southern part of Kaduna metropolises from its North, was discovered  by the Police.

The bomb was planted on a rail track near an overhead  bridge behind Dambo International School around Barnawa GRA in the heart of Kaduna city.

The Police Officer in charge of  the police anti-bomb squad, DSP Patrick David Effiong who spoke  at the scene of the discovery said, “the explosives are capable of causing massive destruction of the rails into fragments and buildings and cutting off the bridge”

December  6th, 2011

Bomb explosion kills 8

A shattering explosion in the heart of Kaduna metropolis in the morning rush hours  brought down a block of shops and apartments, which promptly went under smouldering flames leading to the agonising death of eight people.

February 7th, 2012

Police, find, defuse bomb in Kaduna.

The Police on this day  in Kaduna found a bomb in a compound and promptly defused the explosive  safely.
The bomb  was  discovered in the Tudun Wada  house of Hon. Auwalu Ali Tafoki, a former Chairman of Kaduna South Local  Area.

The discovery created panic and anxiety, making residents of the area to scamper for
safety as it was believed to be capable of destroying the whole area. However, it was expertly  defused by men of the Police Anti Bomb Squad without a single casualty recorded.

April 1st 2012

Bomb kills lone bomber in Kaduna

A lone man suspected to be making improvised bombs was  this day killed by an explosion at Unguwan Muazu area of Kaduna, said Kaduna State Police Spokesman,  Deputy  Superintendent
of police(DSP) Aminu Lawal in a telephone interview with Vanguard.

” The explosion  happened at Unguwan Muazu and killed a lone person we suspect to be making explosives. And we mobilized our Anti Bomb squad men  in the area. I can tell you based on the report I got from the place that one person died. This was around 7pm this evening”, he said.

April 8th

Suicide bomber kills 36, injures 13 in Kaduna.

Suicide bomber’s car laden with a bomb accidentally exploded  at Sardauna Cresecent junction, Kaduna after he failed to gain entrance into the 1st ECWA Goodnews Church, on Gwari Road, not far from the point of the incident.

At least, 36 people, mostly Hausa Muslims were maimed to death.

The explosion dug a crater about two feet deep and five feet in radius . The impact mangled the roof of the Fina White Hotel, bringing down the ceilings and badly cracking the 10 room hotel to its foundation.

April 26th 2012

Kaduna twin blasts: Police confirm 3 dead, 25 injured

Kaduna State Police Commissioner, Mohammed Jinjiri has confirmed that  two bombs that went off in Kaduna at two separate places killed 3 and injured a total number of 25 people.

The bomber was arrested and handed over to the Police. He said that the man that detonated the bomb at SOJ Plaza, No 9 Kontagora Road, by the ever busy Ahmadu Bello way, Kaduna where the Kaduna offices of Thisday, the Sun and the Moment Newspapers were sited, was chained by his hands, legs and torso to the hospital bed where he was receiving intensive care from medical doctors that took turns to see him every 15 munities.


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