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Every woman wants to be admired, respected by men -Yvonne Okoro

She was born Yvonne Chinyere Okereke Okoro to a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother.Yvonne  hit the silver screens nine years ago and since then, she has become the rave of the moment. In this interview, she talks about her Nigerian/Ghanaian lineage, her happiest and saddest moments as an actress as well as her love life.


My nationality

I am half Nigerian and half Ghanaian. My father comes from Abia State,  which means that I am an Igbo girl, while my mother is from Enyan Abaasa in the Central Region, which also makes me a  Ghanaian. I was born and brought up in Ghana, and I have spent all my life there. For me, I don’t think my nationality should be should be an issue. I am just an African.

Growing up in a polygamous setting 

Yvonne Okoro

I’m from a polygamous  home, first child of my mother, and the fifth born in a family of ten children. .My dad knows how to handle his family affairs maturely. In my family, there is no animosity  or exhibition of hatred amongst my siblings.

For instance, each time, I’m attending the yearly AMAA awards, I’m  usually accompanied by  my half-brother. That’s to  tell you how close we are in my family. Love and unity thrive  strongly in my family.

Identifying with my  root 

Yes, I’m very close to my Nigerian lineage.  When I was a child, my father used to bring us home. Particularly, when we  were on holidays and during festive periods.

I’m familiar with my ancestral home.  My dad is a very  patriotic Nigerian, right from the beginning. He realised the need to link us up with our roots, even though we were still kids then.

Foray into education

I studied and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Linguistics from the University of Ghana, Legon. I  later went to the Universite’ De Nantes in France, where I studied French Civilisation and Culture as well as Drama and Marketing.

My happiest and saddest moments as an actress

My happiest moment as an actress remains the fact that people appreciate what I’m doing for a living. They commend me positively and I’m happy that I’m being appreciated. At the same time, it pains me when people tend  to judge us by the kind of roles we play in movies.

We are only  interpreting our scripts and if we don’t do it very well, we might not stand the chance of getting more roles again. That I acted a particular  role in a movie does not change who I am. That’s my grouse.

Price  of stardom

Where do I start from; Sometimes I feel pained. But one thing is certain and that’s, nobody has the right to define my life for me. I also define what I do for a living. I remain who I am despite all the negative reports about me.

My dress at AMAA awards

I went to London for a shopping spree and I saw the dress and fell in love with it. There’s this saying that if you got it, flaunt it. I’m a very fashionable actress.

I wear  what I feel comfortable putting on. I don’t see anything wrong with the way I dressed  to  this year’s AMAA awards. I’m one person who likes to look good despite what people would say about me. I know what is good for  me.

Encountering  a real life situation  which consequences was a result of the role I played in a movie

There was a  time I went the saloon to do my hair. A certain fan saw me and screamed, narrating how she watched my film where I was maltreated and all that. I was dumbfounded, yet I was very happy that people are appreciating what I’m doing on screen.

My love life!

At the moment, I’m happy with my work. I hate to discuss my private life on the pages of newspapers. I’m always happy whether I’m in a relationship or not. I’m happy the way I am.

Marrying a Nigerian!

I don’t have any problem concerning whom I will spend the rest of my life with. He could be a Nigerian or Ghanaian, I don’t  know.  Nigeria is my home, just as Ghana is also my home.

Overcoming trials and temptations associated with the kind of job I do

Every woman wants to be admired and respected by men. Yes, a lot of people are coming your way not just to be your friend but also, to satisfy other purposes. As a person, I don’t carry myself overboard. I try as much as possible to be friendly with everyone.

Supremacy battle among top rated Ghanaian actresses

There is nothing like that. We are all friends and colleagues in the showbiz industry. Yes, I know that there is healthy competition among all of us. But it is not to the point of fighting ourselves.

Well endowed

I don’t know about it, but I think I’m gifted. I can’t tell you this is  the part of my body that I cherish most. Not at all.

Describing myself 

I’m not an impossible person. I’m friendly and easy going, someone you can relate to; a down-earth person.


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