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Ekanpou Enewaridideke brings back the book to Oyangbene Community

It was a great day last week for Delta State born writer and activist, Ekanpou Enewaridideke as he unveiled his new five books in Oyangbene community of Burukutu Local Government Area of the State.

The versatile award winning author, who also saddles his other social and community responsibilities as the national President of Ijaw People Congress was the proud winner of the 2004 Isidore Okpewho prize for literature with his book, The Road to Ken Saro Wiwa.

Last week’s public presentation of the five new books went further to authenticate Enewaridideke as one of the committed sons of the Niger Delta, who like his patron peers; Gabriel Okra, late Ken Saro Wiwa, Tanure Ojaide, Isidore Okpewho, John Peppe Clark and Nimmo Bassey, who adopted the power of creative writing and expression as a veritable platform of engaging and confronting social, political and environmental injustices.

The  books unveiled were: A Sail in the Dark, novel, The Wanted Man in Camp Four, play, You Must Leave Ekameta Tomorrow, play, A Family of Imbeciles, play and Sandbanks in the River Forcados,a collection of poems that was named the first runner-up of  Tanure Ojaide’s prize for poetry in 2004.

Unveiling the five books in Oyangbene community, the apparently excited writer says :’In a world rendered perpetually disorderly, chaotic, absurd, precipitous and ideologically bloated by our own actions, we need a deliberate reconnection with the primordial simple past, generational regeneration and paradigm shift. This is only available in creative works fired by this consciousness. This is what I have labored into my new books.’

Ekanpou Enwaridideke saw the unveiling of his books in Oyangbene community as a viable grassroots springboard for the realization of the much-coveted generational paradigm shift adding that the unveiling would inspire the grassroots people to develop the culture of reading and writing which is a clear propagation of President Good luck Jonathan’s campaign of BRING BACK THE BOOK.


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