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Drug supplier is like a spirit, Ogba reveals

By Onochie Anibeze
Athletics Federation of Nigeria officials are still celebrating the arrest of a man they say has been behind the doping of many of Nigerian athletes for more than a decade.

The man was arrested about 6pm Wednesday in one of the offices at the U J Esuene Stadium during  Nigeria’s  Athletics Olympics trials. He was using one of the offices reserved for physiotherapy here.

” Most of the Nigerian athletes who have tested positive have always mentioned his name and we have been searching for him for years,” Dr Ken Anugweje said. Anukwuje, the current NUGA Chairman is also of the Medical Committee of AFN.

The suspect’s name was given as simply Chimezie by one of the athletes who just tested positive to steroid in AFN’s Golden League in Warri three weeks ago.

Dr. Anukwueje has recalled that many of Nigerian athletes who tested positive to doping fingered him and said he always told them he was administering vitamin and that they would never be caught.

”This man is like spirit. Any time we close up on him he disappears. He comes for almost all athletics events but he ran out of  luck this time around. IAAF will be happy that we have made this catch,” AFN President Solomon Ogba said yesterday.

”What I saw in the man’s bag was unbelievable. I found drugs I have never seen in my life, the types I only read about in books and on internet,” Dr. Anukweje said, adding “he is well equipped with laptop which contains a lot of information.

I’m happy the police took the laptop and his phone because particulars of his clients will be there.”
The man is said to own a chemist shop in Mushin, Lagos



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