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Dana airline denies crash was caused by adulterated fuel


IKEJA—THE management of Dana Airline has debunked speculations that its ill-fated plane  crash was caused by adulterated fuel and that a preliminary report submitted to the Federal Government contains the fact.

In an interview with Vanguard, Head of Quality Department, Dave Sambo, said the management of Dana airline  had not seen any preliminary report and that the Accident  Investigation Bureau, AIB,  had not notified them about any preliminary report.

He said the government had not made public any preliminary report on the crash.

On whether the fuel used by the crashed aircraft was contaminated according to the said preliminary report from AIB, Sambo said: ” If AIB did summit a preliminary report, AIB has not given Dana airline a preliminary report.We have not had it, it could be that it is out but it has not been given to Dana Airline.

AIB has not made that known to us and the government has not made any pronouncement as to the preliminary report from AIB, we have not heard it, we have not seen it. We should not be speculating, the government should make it public.”

Sambo also debunked the reports by a staff of Dana airline who claimed that the ill-fated aircraft was faulty and not airworthy as at the time the plane flew.

According to him: ”That is not correct, that statement is very incorrect, any aircraft that is unserviceable will be grounded by the maintenance department and endorsed by the quality department and when the maintenance department recertify the aircraft for flight operation, it will still not fly until it is released by the quality department.

So,  no one can release air plane into service without the final authority from quality department, so that statement is not correct and I wish to state that the aircraft that crashed just had a scheduled maintenance called A check which is done in an interval of 450 flight hours or 90 days whichever comes first, that A check was accomplished on the 2nd of June and the certificate was released to service and was signed that same date.

Then quality department cleared the air plane only after an air test was done because this is the procedure so the aircraft was fully fit and serviceable for flight on the 2nd of June 2012”.

He   further affirmed that the airline“ have records of maintenance of all our air planes, we have what is referred to as approved maintenance programme, so this approved maintenance programme is derived from  Maintenance Planning Document ,MPD, which is a manufacturer’s document and this manufacturer’s document gives us manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining our air plane.

We cannot dispatch an air plane that is not air worthy, please remember that if an air plane could fly without any form of defects then you would not require line maintenance, you will only require pace maintenance because you know that you will fly from A check to the next A check which is schedule maintenance” he added.


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