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Chronicles of a cancer survivor

You’re  living the good life. You’re successful, exercise regularly, eat the foods you grew up with, have a loving family, and one day you feel you need to visit your family doctor for a medical check up, or you don’t feel right and so you go to your doctor and get the news nobody wants to hear – Cancer!

What you say, this can’t be true, not me I’ve done everything right!  Well all that doesn’t matter, cancer is an indiscriminate disease, choosing who it wants, where it wants, when it wants with no regard of lifestyle, social status, or education.

But that doesn’t mean you have to accept the diagnosis, or for that fact, the treatment options of the medical establishment which is to cut, burn, and destroy (surgery, chemo, and radiation treatments).

There is a story of a person who almost fit the lifestyle description painted above; adding in stress and decreases the exercise a bit and you have a picture of this person.  The cancer diagnosis was a shock to say the least and instead of relegating herself to the conventional wisdom of treatment, she decided to fight on the different terms.

She endured many surgical procedures but then started on a campaign of natural living.  She eliminated certain foods and even food groups; she reduced her exposure to certain chemicals; she balanced her body’s chemical structure, in short, she allowed her body to fight the good fight and in four years was diagnosed as cancer free.

If you are thinking she was a lucky person, you are correct but not for the reason you are thinking.  She is lucky because she was determined to fight a natural fight that allowed her body to heal itself and not rely on other unnatural procedures which may have ended up killing her even if the cancer didn’t.

Most cancers caught in the early stages may be eliminated by a change in lifestyle, diet, and reducing exposures to hazardous chemicals.  There is some medical thought that says that cancer cells are present in everyone and they can manifest themselves anytime and there is nothing one can do about it.  I disagree.

Just as the above mentioned practices can help after the cancer diagnosis, they can also help in the prevention of the disease to begin with.

By changing your practices now, you can reduce or even eliminate the chance of contacting cancer.  In case you are wondering, the above story is true, I know because it is my story and I’m here to talk about it five years after the diagnosis.

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