ABUJA—A CHIEFTIAN of the People Democratic Party, PDP, Dr Ezekiel Izuogu, yesterday said Ndigbo were tired of supporting other parts of the country to occupy the presidency of Nigeria, saying 2015 would be the time for others to support a candidate of Igbo extraction.

Dr, Izuogu said the Igbos could only be convinced to be part of Nigeria when they were fully integrated through negotiated presidency, arguing that anything short of that in 2015, would undermine the “one Nigeria” project which the country had always made people to believe.

Speaking in Abuja, at the presentation of a book titled “Ndigbo, the presidency and Nigeria power game”, Dr Izuogu said people of the South Eastern zone of the country were no longer interested in “scratching other peoples back without having their own scratched”.

“We cannot continue to scratch other people’s back. We have always been there for other people to have their way into the presidency of the country. This time around, we want these people to show that warm solidarity to us, the Ndigbo in our quest to occupy the presidency”, he insisted.

But he regretted that there was a problem of unity in the South East, saying the dream of occupying the presidency could only be realised if the easterners unite, work together towards supporting a single candidate.

In his remark, the author of the book, Dr Ifeanyichukwu  Udibe, said the philosophy behind the book was to “re-instate the dignity of the Igbo nation and the battered psychology of the Igbo people in the quest for the presidency of Nigeria”.

“It is an attempt to lay the foundation for Igbo to have the courage to ask boldly for his or her constitutional rights without fear of victimization in the Nigerian project or fear of total exclusion in the power circles controlled by the North, the South and now, the South South,” Udibe said.

The reality of political power is that the best has never emerged in a competitive summit of the best, in ideas and qualification to lead Nigeria. During the military rule, those who had access to guns and had courage took risks to be on top and succeeded in taking and wielding power.

In a civilian quasi-democracy, power ‘centres’ and power ‘wielders’ selected who should hold power on their behalf. In the process, many political elites who feel cheated continue to grumble. In most cases, they die with the basic problems of high potentials and big under-achievement”, he noted.


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