Mr. Adewole Williams,  is contesting the forthcoming chairmanship primaries in Oluyole Local Government area of Oyo State. He believes, if he is given the opportunity to serve, he would attain a level which most politicians think is not attainable in the political scene. Here, he shares his aspirations and yearnings. Excerpts:

Why have you opted to contest on the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria?
For very clear reason, there is an urgency to begin a new process of thought in the political scene and if we are not going to deceive ourselves, no disrespect to other parties, competition is the spirit of the game and we have to know how to fight. ACN, for one, because I did understudy and looked at the core philosophy and the mission, objectives and the accomplishments of various parties before I decided that ACN is the party to be in.

ACN has a great symbol which is the broom and the broom is a defining element of clean-up and wellness and without the broom you cannot have a clean society and clear cobwebs. That itself, got a major drive in me towards joining the party. It is not a matter of favouritism or trying to flow with some certain arrangements. It has to do with something I believe in and something I can work with.

Adewole Williams

What do you think is lacking in Oluloye Local government that you can fill?
A couple of things. I wouldn’t say that the previous administration did not do anything, but they did as much as they knew. If they knew better, they would implement programmes that would transform the lives of the people. Oluyole is a vast local government and one of the oldest local governments. In my administration, God willing, I would concentrate on the vulnerable people-the aged, the poor. I am not a politician of just making roads and bridges. We have to cater for the youth whom we don’t expect to be roaming the streets. Education is still a real issue that has to be established in the minds of the people.

There has to be good health care delivery at the local government at a subsidized rate. The local government should not solely rely on the monthly allocation but ensure that the internally-generated revenue is created to the optimal without putting unnecessary hardship on the people. This has to do with restructuring and recreational activities we would bring to the community.

If you fail in your objective would you defect to another party?
There is a quote that says shoot for the moon and if you miss, you land among the stars. I believe that for you to have a new society, you don’t have to draw a benchmark. If you want to make a law and it is not in the best interest of the people, you don’t have to make the law. When people understand you, they would help you to even achieve more than what you even dreamed about.

Do you see the threats of the PDP retaking the Southwest as realizable?
That sounds like a tricky question to me. The South west is the people’s choice. It is not a matter of PDP or ACN. The people made the choice. The people saw the truth, need for a new mindset to come up and they saw the ACN as a party to take them to a brighter life. And they voted for the party.

They saw ACN as a party that would not oppress people with power but they saw it as a progressive party. They see the party as the party that would chart their cause. We should be grateful for the visionary leadership of Asiwaju Tinubu, the party’s national chairman, Chief Bisi Akande and Alhaji Lamidi Adesina.


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