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My eyes are blessings from God – Ayo Adesanya

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Beautiful and sexy Ayo Adesanya has been around for more than a decade. She is one of those beauties who burst into the glitterati of fame in the early 90s and have since remained a presence who not only command respect but also still holding her own as a top draw actress and producer.

She just released a movie “Amope Alasela” and the starry-eyed mother of one opens up on what it took her to produce the movie and confirms the rumour that she is in a relationship that might very well head for the altar. She  chatted with Ayo Onikoyi. Excerpts:

You just released a movie. what is at all about?

I just finished a movie titled Amope Alasela. It’s a movie about a funny old woman who wanted everything in her child’s life to be perfect.

Who wrote the movie and what inspired you to do the movie?

Ayo Adesanya

I wrote the story, the fact that I was going to play a dual role inspired me. I played the old woman as well as the woman’s daughter-in-law. I  just wanted to do something unique and see how it works  and thank God it came out well. I also realised that a lot of children these days lack good home training so I brought that into play in this movie.

Is there a message you are trying to pass on to people?

Amope Alasela which is actually the name of this woman is a story that treats the effect of over indulging our children, which is now the way most of us bring up our kids. If you look around, you will see a lot of negative behaviours from many of our youths these days. A lot of things that  were considered  taboo in those days are what they practice these days which is so sad and disheartening. You will find this in the way our youths talk, the way they dress and so on and what do we do to correct all these ? Absolutely nothing. May God help us, there’’s actually a lot to learn from  this movie .

How many movies have you produced and  how financially rewarding are they?

Personally, I have produced quite a  number of movies and they have all been  sell-outs.  I cannot say a particular one sold more than the other.

How much did you invest in this movie and would you call it a low or high budget film?


I spent a lot on this movie financially I can’t even say that this movie has cost a particular amount but energy that was put in this Amope Alasela cannot be quantified. Playing two roles sapped all my energy, because I had to wear make up to play the old woman which was very hectic, and playing the young woman was not exactly a piece of cake too. Being one character and immediately switching to a younger person was indeed a big challenge for me.

 In the Yoruba home video market, every actor/actress is becoming a producer; what is the catch? Is producing more lucrative than acting?

In the Yoruba movie industry, it is a lot easier for an actor to be a producer because you can get the assistance of a marketer and being a producer, you get to call the shots because it’s your movie and it’s like taking a bigger step from people telling you what to do to the other way round and it’s like graduating and going for your Masters Degree.

 How did you get to pay your cast especially the high net-worth stars? Did you really get to pay them their real market worth or is there a special arrangement or understanding?

Of course, I had to pay everybody their normal fees, the cast and crew inclusive. I did not have any form of arrangement whatsoever. I like to do the right thing because I want you to do it the appropriate way when it gets to my turn too.

You have acted English movies and Yoruba ones, which would you say pay better?

Obviously, English pays better but the margin for me is not that obvious.

Then, why did you leave doing English films for Yoruba films?

I did not leave the English speaking part of Nollywood completely because I still work with them once in a while ,although these days I act more of Yoruba movies. This is because I get more offers from there compared to the English and seriously, I enjoy working with producers who appreciate me.

You once said you have found love, how true is that?

Yes,I have found love. Is
it not expected? I am a one man, one woman kind of person and  I think I am lucky to have found love because these days, you can easily confuse love. But yes, I have found love.

Who is this special love and are we hearing the wedding bells any time soon?

Be rest assured you will know if anything of such will be happening.

Yoruba films are becoming more assertive in raw language, revealing sensual scenes and violence, do you think this is good for the industry?

According to the producers of such movies, they say  the audience want raw movies and that the so-called dirty movies sell faster than any other movie,that they are only supplying people according to their demands. I personally don’t like them because I believe it exposes our children to a lot of explicit pieces meant for adults.

Who do you admire in the movie industry; both Yoruba and English?

In the Yoruba  industry, it will be Idowu Philips because she’s elderly and commands respect. She plays her roles perfectly. In the English-speaking Nollywood, the evergreen Liz Benson is the person for me.

People say your eyes are very sexy, would you say that is the sexiest part of your body?

My eyes have been a blessing from God because they stand me out from the crowd and they are indeed very sexy. Moreover, people compliment them all the time so I guess that is one of the sexiest parts of my body.

What has been your most challenging experience in the industry?

That would have to be when I was starting out but I thank God now.


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