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Death at Factory: Firm blames worker’s death on disobedience


…Company has no safety measures – Family
LAGOS – Management of Aliberti Products Nigeria Limited, the Lebanese company where an industrial accident claimed the life of a 20-year-old man last Tuesday, yesterday, blamed the tragedy on Mr. Michael Aghanemu’s (the deceased) inability to heed to instruction.

In a statement, the company said:  “His foreman, Mr. Fredrick Olotu, had forewarned him to always switch off the grinding machine before cleaning as a normal safety precaution but he only pretended he had switched it off.

Immediately Mr. Olotu looked away, he continued what he was doing with the air hose, which the machine grabbed and dragged his arm in.”

Maintenance Manager and Foaming Section Forman, Messrs Basel and Olotu, in the statement, explained that:  “Work resumed on that fateful morning after the Easter break, and all activities in the factory were being carried on in an orderly manner with staff and machines working perfectly as usual.

About 11.30 am, the workers and management heard a loud scream from the foreman of the Foaming Section, Mr. Olotu, which caused pandemonium in the factory.”

However, the management said it had met with family of the deceased with a view to settling the issue amicably.
In its reaction, the family said it was yet to reach a compromise with the company, alleging that similar incidents which occurred in the company were swept under the carpet.

The family also accused the company of not having safety measures for staff and casual workers to check industrial accidents.

It said: “Till date, the company had refused to show us the machine that cut his hand. It shows that they do not have a safety procedure in place for workers.”


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