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Boko Haram: Catholic bishops express worry over killing of worshippers

OWERRI— Catholic Bishops of the Onitsha and Owerri Ecclesiastical Provinces have expressed worry over the brazen and mindless violation of holy places and murder of worshippers by Boko Haram.

The Catholic clerics made their feelings known in a statement after their meeting signed by Archbishops Anthony J.V. Obinna and Valerian M. Okeke of Owerri and Onitsha provinces, respectively.

“We cannot close our eyes and remain silent in the face of evil. It is most unfortunate that members of Boko Haram make Nigerians relive the trauma of past years, which we have repeatedly experienced in the violent hands of vicious sectarian groups”, the Catholic bishops said.

They urged Nigerians to seriously consider the grave consequences of the evil activities of Boko Haram, which has generated a general sense of insecurity in the land, fear in the polity and distrust among the citizenry.

Warns Boko Haram

The Bishops warned that “the Boko Haram must not take the mature self control of Nigerians and the nation for granted”, stressing that “their terrorist acts are a discredit to them and to Islam in whose name they claim to commit these atrocities.”

The clerics called on all members, sponsors and beneficiaries of the Boko Haram sect to rethink their violent ways and embrace path of true peace and fraternal love.

Urging everyone to help the security operatives in preventing, detecting and controlling crimes in the society, the bishops were also of the view that families, communities, institutions and their leaders must play a vital role by exposing criminals in their midst.


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