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The problem with sovereign conference, by Tanko Yakassai

By AbdulSalam Muhammad
Elder stateman, Tanko Yakasai, has described the current agitation for a sovereign national conference in Nigeria with full fledged democracy as an open declaration of war against President Goodluck Jonathan and other democratically elected institution.

The former Special Adviser to President Shehu Shagari told reporters in Kano that the agitation in a simple term means surrendering of sovereign powers vested in the president and the legislature to an appointed or nominated body.

Yakasai stated that sovereign national conference is only held in a situation where a country is under military rule and the military junta are planning to relinquish power to a democratically elected Government as witnessed recently in Niger, Mali, Equatorial Guinea , Togo, and Central Africa.

He said: “It  is ironical that those agitating for the sovereign national conference are direct beneficiaries of democratic dispensation who had served in various capacity such as governors, legislators, and cabinet ministers.

“Even more ironic is the fact that among such misguided people are individuals who are said to be renowned constitutional lawyers who we expect to provide guidance to the nation in the event of any constitutional dispute or misinterpretations”.

The octogenarian challenged the agitators of sovereign national conference to explain where  they hope to derive the  power or  mandate to decide the fate of the nation under the existing scenario.

Yakasai said that the constitution in force does not recognize such ‘misplaced agitation’ in our polity , adding that the current noise about the whole idea was born out of mischief and vote of no confidence and open declaration of war against all democratically elected institutions in Nigeria.

He called  on the elected representatives to rise up and oppose the agitation and defend their legitimate mandate and the sanctity of the constitution, stressing that such action will save Nigeria from self impose constitutional crisis.


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