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Robberies on Lagos/Ibadan expressway: I escaped through the bush – Wale Johnson

Narrating his encounter, a victim, Mr Wale Johnson, a business man, said on February 16th, robbers laid siege on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway while he was on his way to Ibadan for a business appointment.

”At about 1 pm, shortly after Ogere, Ogun State that is, the former middle toll gate where trailers used to park along the expressway, i ran into a long traffic. I don’t know how to describe the particular point but what sent a danger signal to me was that everybody started running in different directions shouting armed robbers, armed robbers.

”At that point, I got out of my Camry car and looking in the distance, I saw some men in police uniform, fully armed fast approaching towards me. On instinct i ran into a nearby bush as there was no other escape route because the place is surrounded by trees and thick bush.

”I docked somewhere far away for about 30 minutes before I finally found my way back to the road with serious bruises on my body. When I was in the bush I was hearing gun shots intermittently.

”One after the other, victims started appearing from nowhere by that time, policemen have raced to the scene calling on the people to come out and take their vehicles away from the road as the situation had been brought under control.

”By the time I got to my car, I saw that it had been ransacked my IPad system, handsets, my suitcase containing personal effects, document and some money have been taken away.

Also, other victims were lamenting their losses.

”It was learnt that since the dismantling order of road block by the IG, there had been high rate of robbery incidence on the highway by robbers suspected to be operating in police uniform.”

Vanguard also gathered that as soon as policemen departs from robbery scene, the robbers who often escape through the bush will return back to their nefarious acts robbing motorists only for genuine police team to appear after the robbers must have escaped through the bush..  He is lucky to tell the story.


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