March 8, 2012

Make your pencil jeans less dangerous to your health

Make your pencil jeans less dangerous to your health


I once watched a television programme that featured young people being taken to the hospital as a result of Skinny Pants Syndrome a.k.a SPS. It was quite laughable-until I got my first pair of skinnies, and had to stand in them for an all-night vigil! Talk about not being able to breathe from your legs!

The reign of Skinny pants or Pencil jeans on Nigerian campuses is one that has come to stay- I think. People must have written the same thing about hipstars, right before they became extinct. With fashion, no one can tell for sure.  For many medical experts, however, there is an effect peculiar to the pencil jeans.

It is a temporary bout of a nerve condition called meralgia paraesthetica, also known as “tingling thigh syndrome.” The condition can happen when constant pressure from your pencil jeans cuts off the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, causing a numb, tingling or burning sensation along the thigh.

Today, however, we look at a few tips that can make your pencil jeans less dangerous to your health.
1.Not too tight: Even though they may have a more sexy appeal, don’t wear too tight pencil jeans. Wear a pair that you can move comfortably in and still look nice.

2. Practice: Try sitting, bending and standing for a while in your skinny jeans, if you can feel your toes after a while, and you don’t experience pain as a result, then go ahead.

3. Elastic material: All pairs of jeans are not made of exactly the same material. When selecting your pair, find something that can stretch a little and provide space for your comfort.

4. Jeggings: Jeggings is derived from two words- Jeans & leggings. A pair of jeggings looks like your typical skinny jeans from afar, but is actually made of softer, more comfortable fabric just like a pair of leggings. Because jeggings could be a bit transparent, it is advisable to wear them with long blouses.

5. Leave the heels at home…sometimes: So let’s say everything in this article has made absolutely no sense to you, and you still want to wear extremely tight pencil jeans. Go ahead, but not with too high heels. High heels increase the pressure on the nerves around your ankles which lead to the Pencil Jeans syndrome. But you know what they say, shoes are a girl’s best friend, (especially high ones), and rules are made to be broken.

Lucky for you, experts say that the Tingling Thigh Syndrome leaves no permanent damage on the health. As soon as the pressure is taken off, all returns to normal. So without paying heed to anything above, you can still live a long, uncomfortable, fashion life!